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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Email Fun #1 Circumcision Prevents HPV

Hi, everyone.
I saw this article about how male circumcision can prevent the spread of human papilloma virus and cervical cancer. Then for fun I found Carla Nystrom's email and pretended to be an uncircumcised man asking for advice. The article excerpt and then the email exchange are presented here:

:-) Jennifer

A second study by Carla Nystrom PhD, at the Oregon State University and colleagues at the University of New Mexico, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested more than four hundred men aged 18-40 years in two U.S. cities during 2002-2005. Sixteen percent of participants were uncircumcised. Researchers tested for HPV in skin swabs of the genital area and semen samples in participants with no HPV symptoms (such as warts or lesions).
Investigators found that circumcised men were about half as likely to have HPV as uncircumcised men, after adjustment for other differences in the two groups. These results demonstrated that lack of circumcision is associated with cervical cancer because of the increased risk of HPV infection. Nystrom suggested that it may be useful to consider circumcising newborn boys in order to decrease the risk of HPV infection for them and their future partners. “Parents are not currently advised of this risk,” she said. “These studies contribute to the evidence that might help to inform that decision.” According to Dr. Nystrom, the findings they reported present compelling arguments to promote male circumcision, especially in developing countries where circumcision is not widely used and the STD epidemic is severe. Additionally, she said, it is “a clear demonstration of the indirect but substantial beneficial effect of male circumcision for women.”

To: Dr. Carla Nystrom
Subject: Your interesting HPV study

Hello Dr. Nystrom,

I read your study indicating that circumcised penises have a reduced chance of transmitting HPV. I am uncircumcised, but I want to have the best chance at good health for myself and potential girlfriends. Do you favor having all men circumcised and do you think I should get circumcised?


To: (X)
Subject: Re: Your Interesting HPV study

Hello Mr. (X)
Thank you for your interest in our HPV study. We did find that circumcision was associated with lower odds of HPV in men. In our study the most likely place that we found the HPV virus was on the foreskins of uncircumcised men. Complete removal of the foreskin was associated with reduced HPV infection by over 50%.

Currently, the CDC does not have any official recommendation regarding adult circumcision. However, since you ask me I would personally recommend it. Our study shows conclusively that there are health benefits that would encourage circumcision for all boys and men. I am in favor of routine neonatal circumcision. But even an adult such as yourself could still benefit from having a circumcision. If you are concerned about it, for the best penile health I would encourage you to speak to your local doctor about getting a circumcision done for yourself. Good luck and you can email me if you have any more questions.

Best wishes,
Carla Nystrom

To: Carla Nystrom
Subject: Another Circumcision Question

Hello Dr. Nystrom,

Thanks for your previous advice. I went to a doctor to see about getting circumcised, but now I am a bit confused about the issue. She said that there was no significant medical reason to get circumcised unless I had a tight foreskin (which I don't). Also, she said that the foreskin contains many sensitive nerve endings and that I will lose some sexual sensitivity and pleasure if I get circumcised. She said she would still do it for me, but only if I was sure that I really wanted it. I'm not so sure now. Do you think that if a man washes his foreskin every day that it will reduce the chance of disease enough? If not, are the benefits of circumcision worth the possible loss of sensitivity?


To: (X)
Subject: Re: Another Circumcision Question

Hello (X)

I appreciate your thoughts and concerns about this matter. Whereas a baby who is neonatally circumcised will certainly never miss his foreskin, I can understand how an adult man might feel he is losing something by getting circumcised. First of all, I do believe that the medical benefits of circumcision are real and significant. Some of the doctors dismiss or have not read some of the new studies on circumcision that have come out, such as mine. I do not think that washing the penis is enough to prevent infection in uncircumcised men. In our study none of the penises that we examined were noticibly dirty, yet the men with foreskins still had higher rates of HPV. This indicates that the presence of the foreskin can contribute to certain infections even with good hygeine.
Regarding the issue of sensitivity, all the men in our study were able to give a semen sample, which indicates that circumcision status does not affect the ability to orgasm. So I would doubt that the circumcised men feel any less sexual pleasure. The foreskin does contain nerve endings, but they are non-essential to sexual pleasure. Our study did not test for penile sensitivity, but when we were swabbing the men's penises I noticed no difference in how the circumcised and uncircumcised men reacted when we swabbed the head of their penis. There is no scientific evidence that circumcision reduces the sensitivity of the glans. After we collected our data, we encouraged all of the 64 uncircumcised men to get circumcised. 18 of them did get circumcised and none of them reported any complications.
It is still your choice, of course, if you don't think it is worth it. Personally, I think that the medical benifits of circumcision indicate that it should be done.

Carla Nystrom

To: Carla Nystrom
Subject: My circumcision

Hello Dr. Nystrom,

I have decided to get it done! I have an appointment to get circumcised next week and I am really going to go through with it for my better health. Thanks again for all your advice!

Mr. (X)

To: (X)
Subject: Re: My circumcision

Mr. (X)
I am glad that I could be of service. I think you will be glad when your penis is circumcised knowing that you are less likely to get diseases. We should continue to get the word out so that we can increase the circumcision rate worldwide. I'm glad you are having it done.

Good Luck!
Carla Nystrom


At Thursday, July 15, 2010 4:47:00 PM, Blogger howell said...

I one of those rare things a man circumcised at fifty.I can say i did not lose any sensitivity, when my foreskin was removed.
The wound took seven weeks to heal but after that there was no looking back,sex was now whole set new sensation , she could feel the rim of my glans, my newly exposed glans was always in contact with her, i was no longer making love to my foreskin. She loved the feel of my dry velvet smooth penis, and would stroke it just to watch it swell and become a beautiful plum colour.
I did not lose any sensitivity WE gained a range of new sensations

At Wednesday, December 15, 2010 10:23:00 AM, Blogger Autolycus, o Rei dos Ladrões said...

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At Wednesday, December 15, 2010 10:24:00 AM, Blogger Autolycus, o Rei dos Ladrões said...

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At Thursday, June 04, 2015 6:04:00 AM, Blogger Robin-Frans Winkel said...

Carla Nystrom is right. Washing is not enough. If it were, we would have to conclude that most uncircumcised men are too lazy to wash, and women too weak to protest. In that case we would have to protect vulnerable women against the bad choices of parents.

Health professionals like Carla Nystrom are far better prepared to make the right decisions than parents who are only concerned with the immediate well-being of their son. The health professional has many years of training and experience, and sees the larger picture. I know for sure that Carla Nystrom would prefer REAL routine infant circumcision, that is, hospitals having the right to perform circumcision on all boys born there, even if the parents explicily refuse. Several hospitals already do this, calling it 'policy' and when I mentioned this as a good thing, a young attractive woman gave the remark a secret like, and she suggested seduction of hospital personnel to persuade them. Health professionals like doctors and nurses know that they have the ethical duty to prevent harm, and therefore that they have the ethical duty to remove every foreskin. that is why in the fifties ALL Australian hospitals and MOST American hospitals performed circumcision on ALL boys born there, without asking parents for permission.

Most STDs are more common in the USA than in Denmark, except for cervical cancer, which is less common. This proves the strong protection circumcision affords against HPV, something Abraham Wolbarst already knew a century ago, and considered to be enough reason to make circumcision universal. Condoms do not offer good protection against HPV and Gardasil has too many side effects, yet is made mandatory.

Intactivists only want you to tell you about the taboo on masturbation, not the concern for hygiene and the health of women as being at least as important for the spread of circumcision. Women would then come to see American routine circumcision in an even better light.


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