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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jewish Step-Mom

Jennifer's note:
This is a true story submitted by one of my guy friends.

Here's my story, of how my Jewish step-mom wanted me circumcised. I grew up uncircumcised. Although my father was circumcised, my brothers and I were not, by the request of my mother. She said she didn't want a knife cutting her babies' privates. Unfortunately, she didn't have the foresight to see that just one little snip to the foreskin prevents all the problems that foreskins cause.
I was somewhat naive myself. I knew some boys were circumcised and some not, but I didn't think much about the difference. When I was a young boy I often would get infections under my foreskin, but I just thought this was normal. The infected glans would turn super red and get sensitive and painful to the touch. I also admit I was rather lax about washing under my foreskin in the shower. Cheesy white smegma would build up under my foreskin, coating my glans in filth. Even when I did pull back the foreskin and wash my dick in the shower the cheesy smell would soon come back. I remember when I was a teen, the first time a girl sucked my penis, she put it in her mouth and as soon as her tongue touched it she gagged and retched and almost threw up. She said it tasted like limburgher cheese.
Anyway, when I was 11 my parents got divorced and my brothers and I kept staying with my father. When I was 14 he got remarried. My step-mom, Martha, was Jewish. Since my dad was circumcised she just assumed that we were too. But one day, about a year later, she accidentally walked in the bathroom as I stepped out of the shower. She saw my uncircumcised penis and was shocked. "Your Daddy didn't get you circumcised?" she asked.
"No," I said.
"Why not?"
"I don't know...I guess Mom didn't want us to be." I said.
"Well, you need to be circumcised and I'm going to talk to your father about it when he gets home." she said matter of factly.
"How come? I'm not Jewish, you know."
She started to get upset. "All boys ought to be circumcised whether they are Jewish or not! It's unhygienic to have a foreskin! Uncircumcised boys can never keep themselves clean down there, lets take a look at you." She came over to me, leaned down and pulled back my foreskin with her right hand. "See? Look at that nasty smegma that you didn't clean off your cock head. That smegma will rot and fester under your foreskin and cause a horrible smell and infections. Now I've got to wash your cock." She took a washcloth, wetted it and put soap on it. Then she pulled back my foreskin again and roughly scrubbed my glans with the washcloth. "There", she said, "now you're at least clean for a while."
"Can't I just keep it clean if I wash my glans like that every day? Why do I have to get circumcised?"
She got more upset. "No boy I've ever known can keep an uncircumcised penis clean consistently. I'm not going to let you keep your foreskin and worry about whether you washed or not, I'm going to make sure you get your penis circumcised! And you are going to have your penis circumcised as soon as I talk to your father!" I looked down and realized that I had forgotten to cover up with a towel through the whole conversation and I had gotten a boner. I got very embarrassed. She just looked down, didn't say another word and left the room.
That evening she talked to my dad about getting me and my 2 brothers, who were 12 and 10, circumcised. At first he didn't see what the big deal was, but after a few weeks my step-mom finally convinced him to circumcise us. He made an appointment with a local urologist and the date was set. I was furious when I found out. I argued for days and said that I wasn't going. My brothers didn't want to go either, but since I was the oldest, I was doing most of the arguing. The day before our appointment he finally got sick of my talking back and gave me a whupping. This was unusual, as I hadn't been spanked in ten years. I knew then that he and my step-mom were serious about this circumcision and I relented.
We went to the doctor's office at 11am the next morning. It was decided that I would go first, since I had put up the most resistance. When I took my pants off and sat on the cold operating table I started to freak out, so the doctor called my parents into the room. Martha held my hand to calm me down as the urologist gave me a shot of anesthetic in my penis. She was saying, "It's alright, don't worry, we're going to make your penis better, honey, we're just going to cut off that nasty foreskin."
The doctor was a tall man with grey hair, in his 60's with brown spots on his hands. He smiled with a kindly smile and said "There's nothing to worry about. My hands have performed thousands of circumcisions, most of them on babies with penises much smaller than yours. I make sure every baby boy born in this hospital gets circumcised before he leaves. You should have been circumcised as a baby, but that's okay, this is your lucky day, boy, trust me, you're going to like your new penis, and the girls will too!" He then started to put the gomco clamp on my penis, which was numb by now. He put the metal bell on, rolled my foreskin through the clamp and began to tighten it.
Just then my step-mom said, "Make sure you cut off all of his foreskin, I don't want him to have any loose skin left over."
"No problem, I'll make sure his cut is super-tight." With that the doctor took a pair of forceps and pulled my foreskin upward, getting as much as he could up through the clamp. I could still feel a vague sensation in my foreskin as he did this. Then he tied a thin copper wire around the clamp to pinch off the blood vessels in my foreskin and tightened the bolt. I could tell he was turning the knob very hard. When he got to the last turn I felt a slight pinch, but not painful. My foreskin was turning dark purple from the blood trapped in it's pinched off veins. I noticed when he pulled and prodded at my foreskin this time, it had no sensation at all. He cut it off with a scalpel as my step-mom watched intently. He dropped the foreskin into a biohazard waste bin, saying "good riddance." Then he took the clamp off, gave me a couple of stitches, and dressed the wound. I was finally circumcised. I waited out in the lobby and we went home as soon as my brothers were done. A couple hours later the anaesthetic wore off and my penis was throbbing with a dull pain. My penis got super hard as I thought of my circumcision, but as horny as I was I couldn't jack off or the stitches would break open. All I could do was pull down my pants and stare at my newly circumcised erect cock while it leaked drop after drop of precum.

In the coming months I realized what a blessing it was to be circumcised. Masturbation was better, sex was better, everything was better. I liked the way the uncovered glans felt in my underwear and how it stayed dry. When I felt the bare glans rubbing my pants and thought of my circumcision I always got horny. And of course, there were no more infections. I thanked Martha for making me get circumcised. She just laughed and said "I know, I told you so." and gave me a hug. I think back on it know and know how good it is to be circumcised. If I have sons their penises will be cut before they leave the hospital. Growing up uncircumcised, I never would have gotten circumcised by choice, and now I shudder to think of having a nasty foreskin covering up my penis and causing problems. She knew what was best for my penis. So my step-mom did me a great service by forcing me to get circumcised.

So right after we were circumcised Martha, my step-mom, put herself in charge of seeing how our penises were healing after being circumcised. Once a day she would come in our rooms and make us pull down our pants. She would change the gauze and apply a bit of petroleum jelly aroung our circumcision lines. Whenever she came into my room my heart would jump. As I pulled my pants down in front of her I would always get embarassed. I couldn't help getting a boner in front of my step-mom when she touched my penis. This she did not fail to notice. She'd say "What a nasty boy you are, always horny when I check on your circumcision. You shouldn't be getting a boner in front of your step-mom, you know."
Then she'd say, "Now no playing with yourself! I don't want you to rip your stitches out." It was always hard not to play with myself, as I was accustomed to masturbating every day.
After three weeks the scab was healed and my step-mom decided to take my stitches out. When she came in for my inspection that day she said, "My, it looks like your penis has healed well, there's a nice clean circumcision scar." She took out the stitches and said, "There, now doesn't your penis look nice now?" I didn't say anything but my penis bulged and swelled even more. "You've got a nice tight circumcision."
Then she gave me a devilish smile, "It must have been hard to not play with yourself, wasn't it?"
"Yes, ma'am." my face was turning red.
"It's alright, I know you're used to playing with yourself every day. I used to hear the "slap-slap" of your hand against your penis in the bathroom when I walked by. I even peeked through the keyhole and saw you squirt your cum all over the place once." I was shocked.
"I'll bet all that cum that you normally spill every day is building up in your balls." She looked down at my penis. There was a drop of precum leaking out of it. She squeezed my circumcised penis head and more precum oozed out. "Why don't you sit on step-mommy's lap and I'll take care of that for you. You must be ready to burst after three weeks."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I was so embarassed, but I did as I was told. She pulled her dress up above her waist to reveal her bare legs and her white cotton panties. I could see her thick Jewish pubic hair through her undies. She patted her leg, "Come on up here, don't be shy."
I sat on her legs and leaned back against her soft breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra. Then she took my shirt off and unbuttoned hers so that her bare tits would press againt my back. I could feel her nice perky nipples ticlking the skin of my back. She put her chin over my left shoulder and breathed heavily into my ear. She reached for the bottle of lube from the top drawer of my dresser (how did she know where I kept it?), put some on my penis and began jacking away with her right hand. Her hand kept stimulating the bare glans of my circumcised penis. It seemed so wrong having my step-mom jacking me off but it just felt too good to complain. I tried not to have an orgasm, but I just couldn't hold in my cum. She was determined not to stop stroking my cock until I busted a nut. She was darn good at it and it felt so good. She was determined to have me spew my cum in her hand. Finally her hand won the battle and I just let go. My penis spasmed and jerked and spewed a huge load of cum all over her hand.
"My, my, your balls were certainly were full of cum after three weeks. I just love your new circumcised cock, you nasty little boy."


At Monday, January 24, 2011 3:56:00 PM, Blogger PJ said...

Any form of mutilation carried out on a child for any reason other than medical necessity is sick

At Sunday, February 06, 2011 11:37:00 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

What an awesome story, I love reading about circumcision. Circumcised penises really turn me on, and I will never hook up with an uncircumcised male. I saw a couple skinny dipping and their penises were so gross and flabby, they looked like sloppy elephant trunks. If I have a son he will get tightly circumcised ASAP.

At Saturday, February 18, 2012 5:58:00 PM, Blogger supriest68 said...

Was this story written to incite anti semitism? In any case this so called step mom should be require to register as a sexual offender for walking in on a boy. It is none of her business as far as circumcision goes. His father is obviously brain-washable for listening to to bitch. He should also be reported for "whupping" his son and for forcing him and the others to be c'ised.
If I were her stepson, I'd bust her head.

At Tuesday, March 27, 2012 7:33:00 AM, Blogger 2mouthy said...

This stepmother is wonderful. Makng sure nobody in her house has an ugly, smegma smeared anteater is the right thing to do, and she is so outspoken about it. Thenn she rewards the boy with a handjob that they both enjoyed; her especially- who wants to touch an ugly intact penis? I cannot imagine having that gross skin on my penis, I love walking around naked at my gym, showing off my circumcised dick, and when I see a guys foreskin I want to throw up (or call Martha to fix it.)


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