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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Circ'ed by the School Nurse

Fiction, written by Jennifer. About a boy getting circumcised at school, written in 1st person.

This is the story of how I was circumcised by my school nurse in 11th grade when I was 17 years old.

It was a Tuesday morning, December 11th, my first day at my new school. I had just transferred mid school year from out-of-town. It was 7:30 a.m. and I was sitting in homeroom sleepily. The bell rang and I had to go to class. During my English class second period a young woman popped her head in the door. She appeared to be and office aide. "Hi, excuse me. Is Matt Rutherford here?" she said.
"Yes, he's right over there." Ther teacher replied and pointed in my general direction. I meekly raised my hand.
"Can he come with me for a moment?"
"Sure. " The teacher said. I put my books in my bag, got up from my desk and followed her out into the hallway.
I stood there and looked at her somewhat quizzically and she took my cue and said: "You need to have a checkup from the school Nurse Practitioner. We check all of our strudents once a year, usually right at the beginning of the fall semester, but since you just got here we're doing you now."
"Okay." I said.
She led me to the right down the hallway, then down two flights of steps to the basement area beside the cafeteria where the Nurse Practitioner's office was located. She knocked on the door and it was soon opened. The N.P. was a stunning woman in about her early 30's with long straight blonde hair under here nurse's cap. She held out hter hand and said, " Hi, you must be Scott. I'm Lori Stewart, the Nurse Practitioner."
I shook her hand and said. "Hi."
"Well I'll be going now." Said the aide.
"Alright, see you Kellie." The nurse said. She turned to me and said, "Well, you're new here, so we've got to get you checked up. Sit down on that table and take your shirt off." She smiled and turned to go get something. I walked over to the table, put my bookbag down on the floor, sat up on the table and took my shirt off, setting it on a chair next to the table.
She was fiddling with some instruments in the corner. I didn't know what she was doing. I took a good look at her. She was wearing white high heels and a very tight white nurse's dress that revealed almost all ofher lean shapely legs. She bent over to get something from a bottom cupboard and her dress inched up ever so slightly in back to reveal a hint of her white cotton pantes and even more of her legs. Her ass was gorgeous. I could see the outline of it clearly through her tight white dress.
She walked over to me and began examining me. She checked my ears, nose, eyes, mouth and throat. "Everything looks okay there." She said. Then she examined my neck, putting her left hand around my throat and massaging gently and feeling around. She got out her stethoscope and put it agiainst my chest. "I'm listening to your heart beat now. Breathe!" As I was breathing at her commands I noticed her chest heave up and down each time she took a breath. She was showing a lot of cleaveage with her low-cut collared dress. I was staring right down at her cleavage and her lacy white underwire bra was peeking out. I don't think it was a push up; she wouldn't have needed it . She then said: "Now lay on your back, I'm going to check your lower organs. I laid down and she started poking and prodding my belly with her fingers. "Your large intestine is distended. It seems as if you're a bit backed-up. When was the last time your bowels moved, dear?"
"I... I don't know... two days ago, I think."
"Well, your guts are definitely impacted with feces. I think and enema would be in order to clean your pipes out." she said. "enemas are good for you. You need to have your entrails flushed out periodically, otherwise all of your intestines can become impacted with feces, which leads to chronic constipation. Just think how nasty your farts smell. That's air coming from your nasty dirty stinky intestines. With all your food waste built up in your clogged intestines, you're lucky your nose isn't next to your anus. A lot of people think that when they eat something it just disappears. But it doesn't, of course, it fills up your digestive tract and stuffs up your guts and makes your intestines bulge untill you expell it out your rear end in due time. If you haven't relieved yourself by tomorrow we'll definitely give you an enema. You don't want your guts all full of shit, do you honey?
"No, I guess not." I said.
Then she said, "Now take your pants off." I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I was getting noticeably embarrassed. My face was turning beet red and I was fidgeting on the table.
"My underwear too?" I said.
"Of course!" She noticed my blushing face and looked up at me with a sly smile. "I am going to have to check your genitals as standard procedure. Silly boys and their modesty! You'd think I'd never seen a teenage boy's willy before, but you can leave them on until I check you down there, I wouldn't want your pee-pee head to get too cold, as it is a bit nippy in here." She said. She wasn't kidding about the nippy part. I could see two perky nipples sticking up under her white blouse.
I took my blue jeans off and set them on the chair with my shirt. I was sitting there in my tighty-whiteys feeling the chilliness of the room now. She checked my legs and feet and tapped my knees with the reflex tester. She was partially crouched down near my knees and she said, "I need to check your genitals now, Honey." My muscles stiffened and my heart pounded. She was really going to take a look at my naked genitals. What an embarassment to have this stranger--a woman no less-- look at and fondle my exposed private parts. When she bent her face somewhat nearer to my crotch she wrinkled her nose and sniffed a couple of times. "Have you changed your underwear recently, Honey?"
"Yes, ma'am. I put on a clean pair this morning just before I came to school."
"Well, you smell a little funky down there, let me check you out and see what's going on with your genitals."
She put on her latex gloves and then hooked the waistband of my underwear with both of her hands and pulled them off. She took one look at my naked genitals and fer face froze with a look of surprise. "Oh my God! You're NOT CIRCUMCISED!!"... "That's what's causing that foul smell! I thought that might be the problem when I smelled your underwear, but I just couldn't believe it, since almost all boys are circumcised by age 13 in this country."... She reached her rubber gloved right hand for my penis. She took the end of my penis with her thumb and forefinger and gingerly rolled my foreskin back. She took a look and then a whiff of my exposed penis head, then turned her head with a disgusted face and exclaimed "Ugh, God! Uncircumcised penises are so disgusting"... "Well, you need to have a circumcision performed on your penis, so I'm going to have to circumcise you."
"D...Do you really have to circumcise me?" I said.
"Yes I do dear, all boys should be circumcised, besides being much more hygenic, it's also school policy that boys must have their penises circumcised. It will be so much cleaner to have a circumcised penis. Your penis won't have those awful foul smells anymore. Those odours are caused by the glands of your foreskin producing a foul substance called smegma. We need to get rid of your nasty stinky foreskin so it can't produce smegma anymore. Your penis will be so much cleaner and better when it is circumcised. Trust me, you'll learn to like it better that way. I've done hundreds of circumcisions, most of them on littler boys, but some on older boys like yourself. Every once in a while we have a teenager like you who hasn't been circumcised yet come to the high school and I have to circumcise him. I've never had a boy come back and complain about his circumcision. Oh, and by the way, almost every girl I know refuses to even look at an uncircumcised penis, let alone touch it. I have to do the dirty work of getting boys circumcised. I have to touch and smell your nasty uncircumcised cock. So you should thank me that I'm nice and caring and I didn't slap you in the face and cut your balls off for the foul smell of your penis that went up my nostrils. And you should be grateful that I'm going to circumcise you. Everything will be fine after I cut your foreskin off, Honey. I'll sever your foreskin from your penis with tender loving care, so don't you worry, Dear. Your penis will be new and improved."
During her monologue my penis had grown and was now standing at attention ever-so-erect. The bulbous purple head was peeking slightly out from my foreskin. I looked down and she looked down at it. She couldn't help but comment, "My you certainly have an erection." She smiled and playfully chided me, "Looks like someone's getting turned on by this exam." She stared at my erect penis and I felt my blood rise and my face get hot, it was almost turning purple from blushing so much as my heart pounded.
"And you have a rather long foreskin, usually when a boy who still has his foreskin gets fully erect the foreskin automatically retracts behind the glans. But yours is so long it almost covers the whole head when you're erect. I'll have to make a note of that so I can remember. I'll need to cut off all of that long foreskin off your penis."
"Please, Nurse," I begged, "I'll keep it clean, honest! Isn't there any way you could let me keep my foreskin?"
Her smile disappeared. "There certainly is not. You need to be circumcised. I will not allow you to remain uncircumcised, and that is that. Boys may say they can keep their foreskins clean, but the fact of the matter is uncircumcised penises are and always will be dirty and unclean. Uncircumcised penises are just unhygenic." She pulled back my foreskin all the way and inspected my glans again. "I've never known an uncircumcised boy who didn't suffer from poor hygiene and you are obviously no exception! So you'll have to come back and see me tomorrow so we can get your guts checked and so I can circumcise you." I was quite stunned; I didn't say anything. She then grabbed my erect penis and said half to herself, "Yes.. you do have a rather long foreskin." She started pumping it up and down. "Your gross long foreskin, I get to cut it off tomorrow." She kept stroking my penis up and down with her clasped hand. "I get to sever this disgusting thing from your body and your penis head will be exposed and bare. When your long foreskin is severed it will be pickled and put in a jar in my office." She was grabbing my foreskin and she kept rubbing my penis head. "Everyone who comes in my office will be able to see what I cut off of your penis. That's right, Dear, I'm going to slice that nasty foreskin off." That was too much for me. My body jerked and I orgasmed, spewing a stream of cum into Nurse Stewart's right hand. There was so much cum some of it splashed on her breasts and tricked down her cleavage. "Oops.." she said, "It looks like you had an orgasm! I swear, nasty horny boys like you cum so quickly."

"We'll call you out of class when we're ready. I'll have my assistant with me to help with the enema if necessary and the circumcision. See you tomorrow, you can put your pants back on now."
I put my clothes back on and I meandered back to class. I stopped in the bathroom on the way. I unzipped my jeans and took out my penis to urinate. Standing at the urinal I looked down at my penis. I looked at my long foreskin covering the head of my penis. I was going to be circumcised tomorrow. Did I really need to be circumcised? Well, the nurse said that I did. She must be right; she's never had a complaint, so she says. I shook off the excess pee and peeled back my foreskin. So this is how it'll look huh? The skin will never be able to reach over the head of my glans after she circumcises me. I stroked my dick a couple of times and pulled the foreskin back over the head of my penis before replacing it back in my pants. It would take some getting used to. The exposed head of my glans would always be rubbing against my underpants. Tighty whiteys would have a new meaning to me.
So finally I left the bathroom and went back to class. The rest of the school day ticked by and I went home. At night I was imagining my upcoming circumcision again. I wanted to test how it might feel like with underwear when I'm circumcised. I unzipped by pants and pulled my cock out of my underwear. I pulled my foreskin back and held it back while I put my cock back in my underwear. Holding back the foreskin with my right hand, I rubbed the bare glans back and forth with the underwear in my left hand. I flinched when I did so. My glans was painfully sensitive and this rough rubbing directly on my bare penis head was rough overstimulation.
I went to bed with my hand down my pants holding my penis. I was dreading having an operation and losing my foreskin. I thought about skipping school, but I would have to go back eventually and when I did the nurse would be waiting for me with her surgeon's knife to cut the foreskin off my penis. I would just have to be brave and face the fact that I was going to be circumcised.
I woke up in the morning, went in the bathroom and masturbated for the last time as an uncircumcised boy. I pumped my luxurious foreskin up and down my glans. It slid so easily, up and down. I splooged a huge load of cum and felt a twinge of sadness as I realized that was the last time I'd ever do that with my foreskin on. I rubbed the slick white cum all over my foreskin. It was like anointing the feet of a prisoner right before he's executed. I tried to tell myself that it was for the best, that boys are not supposed to have foreskin, that I was just a freak of nature who would finally be brought to justice. Maybe I would believe that after it was all said and done, after my foreskin was sliced off. Maybe after my foreskin was severed from my body I would be glad, we'll see. After all, the nurse said that my penis will be better when it is circumcised. And that probably means girls will like it better too. She really seemed disgusted when she saw my uncircumcised penis.
I got on the school-bus and sat down near the middle. As I looked out the window I thought of my impending circumcision, how I was going to have to sit naked in front of her while she cut the foreskin off my cock. I started to get a raging boner and I put my bookbag on my lap to cover it up. What if I got a boner right in front of Nurse Stewart again? That would be so embarassing if she were to see my raging hard cock just before my circumcision. I already had an orgasm in front of her and cummed in her hand. That was humiliating enough. She would know I was turned on and she'd probably be appalled at my erect teenage penis and think that I'm a disgusting pervert. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop it. She's a hot female nurse and I would be naked in front of her again.
I got off the bus and went in the school building to my locker. I still had a boner so I tried to walk with my bookbag in front of me. I got my books and went to class. Throughout my 1st period science class and 2nd period English class I couldn't stop thinking about my upcoming visit with Nurse Stewart. I still had a raging boner and I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants and precum leaking out of the tip of my cock. I looked down and there was a wet spot on the crotch of my pants. For a moment of horror I realized that I had forgot to put on underwear today. Well, it wouldn't matter anyway, I guess, since Nurse Stewart would've obviously made me take them off.
I just kept thinking how my foreskin was going to get cut off my cock today. During math class I kept reaching under my desk and grabbing my hard cock through my shorts. I was pinching and rubbing the foreskin. I couldn't concentrate on the sums. All I could think about was Nurse Stewart playing with my penis. And the enema! I had forgotten about the enema! I still hadn't gone to the bathroom since two days ago. The shit was still stuffing up my large intestine, and there was even more of it today than yesterday because my small intestines had pushed along more food that I ate. I couldn't avoid the circumcision but I really wanted to avoid the enema. So I asked the teacher for the hall pass to go to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and squeezed my guts, but to no avail. I tried again but the shit didn't want to come out from inside my intestines. Finally I gave up and went back to class.
Second period English class came and went. Maybe she'll forget about it, I thought all too wishfully. Of course she won't, came my next thought, she's going to circumcise me and give me an enema. There is no way she is going to let me out of the circumcision.
I thought that if I could just get through 3rd period Science class then I could skip study hall and then it would be lunch. They wouldn't call for me during lunch and I'd at least have some more time to try to shit. The bell rang signaling the end of 3rd period. I was glad. But then my hopes were soon dashed. As I walked out of the classroom the aide was waiting for me. She put her hand on my shoulder and said:
"Matt, come with me. The nurse is ready for you. It's time to see Nurse Stewart again."
The aide led me down the hallway to the Nurse's office and ushered me inside. Nurse Stewart was not in view yet but Kellie, the aide told me to sit up on the table. "What's this?" She asked playfully as she pinched the tip of my raging hard cock through my pants. She gasped, "Oh, you naughty boy, just wait 'till Nurse Stewart sees that."
My face turned bright red and Kellie laughed, obviously delighting in my embarassment. then she exited and locked the door behind her.
As it turned out, I was in for a few surprises. First Nurse Stewart came out of the side room. Right behind her was Becky Allison who I recognized from my math class. She was in the same grade as me, and she was very cute. She had lots of freckles and stunning orange hair, slightly wavy and pulled back in a pony tail. I gulped and my face started to turn red. "What is she doing here?" I thought. From the white nurse's outfit and the rubber gloves she was wearing I got a pretty good suspicion. I felt sick to my stomach.
"Matt, this is Becky. She'll be assisting me today for your operation. Becky wants to go to college and become a nurse, so I let her help me whenever I need help."
"I've met Matt before, he's in my math class!" Becky said to Nurse Stewart.
"Well, that's nice, I'm glad you are aquainted then. Well, let's get started. Matt, it's time for you to strip naked now."
It was no good to argue at this point so I just had to let my inhibitions go. I thought this couldn't get any more awkward, but I was mistaken. Just then Kellie came back into the room. She was carrying a video camera. "Kellie will be videotaping the entire procedure today, including the circumcision. The video will be posted on the school website to show what we do to boys when they come to school uncircumcised. We want to show that we mean business when we say that our policy is that all boys be circumcised. But don't worry, dear, we'll scramble out your face so that nobody knows it's you."
"Great, like noone will be able to tell." I thought sarcastically.

She had the gomco clamp ready to go. She took a pair of forceps and grabbed the end of my foreskin off to one side. Then she took another pair of forceps and did the same on the other side. She then stretched the foreskin side to side by tugging on the clamped pairs of forceps. Then she took a scissors clamp and stuck it inside the opening of my foreskin. She moved it around inside to unstick the foreskin from the glans. Then she shoved it down in on the top side of my glans as far as it would go. She clamped it down hard. I could see the muscles in her right forearm flex when she crushed my foreskin. She then released the scissors clamp and there was a crush line going down the dorsal side of my foreskin. Then she stretched open the underside of my foreskin with two fingers and snipped my frenulum with a pair of surgical scissors. My foreskin was wrecked now. There was no turning back now, I was as good as circumcised. Even if she stopped the procedure right now, my foreskin would be so damaged that they would have to cut it off anyway. The crush line looked like a zipper of perforated flesh.
Then she took the surgical scissors and snipped her way down my foreskin until there was a slit going all the way down the crush line. She then pulled the two foreceps apart, opening the slit wide and laying bare my pinkish-purpley glans. She put the steel bell of the clamp over my glans and then took the baseplate of the gomco clamp and arranged it over the bell and foreskin so that the circular opening was around my penis. She then pulled the foreskin through the space between the bell and the clamp's baseplate. She kept tugging untill she made sure that all of the loose skin was caught in the clamp. She then made Becky hold the bell in place as she tightened the nut on the clamp. As she turned the nut the circular opening of the baseplate constricted toward the bell, crushing the foreskin completely. Even with the anaesthetic I could feel my foreskin being crushed under the tremendous pressure of the clamp.


At Friday, March 30, 2012 8:49:00 PM, Blogger 2mouthy said...

Good for the nurse! Uncircumcised dicks are ugly, gross, have smegma, and no good for sex as the woman cannot feel the rim of the head in her vagina. Circumcised dicks are beautiful, clean sexual tools!

At Saturday, March 22, 2014 5:58:00 PM, Blogger radha said...

Cirxumcised penises give orgasms to girls.

At Sunday, March 23, 2014 6:31:00 AM, Blogger Matthew Milligan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Sunday, April 27, 2014 2:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish the school nurse had done that to me. I had to wait till I was in my 20s to get my foreskin cut off. I'd always wanted it and when my girlfriend gave me an ultimatum I had myself cut. As a man I support circumcision for all boys' foreskins. Any women there who thinks females perform better circumcisions than males?

At Sunday, April 27, 2014 2:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish the school nurse had done that to me. I had to wait till I was in my 20s to get my foreskin cut off. I'd always wanted it and when my girlfriend gave me an ultimatum I had myself cut. As a man I support circumcision for all boys' foreskins. Any women there who thinks females perform better circumcisions than males?

At Sunday, May 11, 2014 10:25:00 AM, Blogger superdude9856 said...

what in the fuck is this? you people are seriously sick, and i feel bad that for some reason you think mutilated genitals are a good thing.

At Sunday, May 11, 2014 10:25:00 AM, Blogger superdude9856 said...

what in the fuck is this? you people are seriously sick, and i feel bad that for some reason you think mutilated genitals are a good thing.

At Thursday, June 26, 2014 8:20:00 AM, Blogger all cord said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Thursday, June 26, 2014 8:25:00 AM, Blogger all cord said...

I got my circumcision at the Cristian school i was at, they belive i had mastrubate and took me down to the basement and took it, they took to mutsh skin so it was painful when i get erection.

At Saturday, January 02, 2016 9:31:00 PM, Blogger be beatrice said...

This is fucking disgusting. I'm a woman and I prefer it natural. Circ penises are dry, painful, and do not stimulate your g spot at all. Poor guy.

At Wednesday, April 20, 2016 10:54:00 AM, Blogger X Vr said...

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At Wednesday, April 20, 2016 10:54:00 AM, Blogger X Vr said...

This is good article on erectile dysfunction & healing sex file

At Wednesday, June 29, 2016 9:55:00 PM, Blogger Christopher Leondra Widjaja said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Friday, July 08, 2016 6:08:00 AM, Blogger Robin-Frans Winkel said...

@be beatrice

Maybe restored foreskin is better than the original, because it doesn't have the nerves, but does have the rolling effect.

At Thursday, September 14, 2017 2:01:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Beatrice im uncircumcised, wanna play?

At Monday, August 05, 2019 1:57:00 AM, Blogger 11killister11 said...

"You don't want your intestines all full of shit now do you" "I guess not." Fucking hahaha lol, I'm trying to get through it but those lines are fucking slaying me. #MethUnderCoverOfNight

At Monday, August 05, 2019 2:03:00 AM, Blogger 11killister11 said...

1453, worse year of my life. #RetakeConstantinople


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