circumcision stories

Monday, January 03, 2005

Tom visits Dr. Becker

Patty stood and looked at her naked nephew, to her he looked like a little Adonis. He was hung much better than she expected a boy of his age to be. He had light pubes witch did nothing to hide his manhood. He was uncircumcised and had a nice set of nuts hanging under his penis. He was beet red and tried to turn sideways and cover his genitals with his hands. "Stop playing with yourself, and get in the tub" said Patty. Tom, afraid of making his aunt madder, quickly climbed into the tub, hoping she would leave and let him wash himself. The water felt very warm even though he thought the scent his aunt put into it was for a girl and not a boy. Patty took several cups of water and dumped it onto Tom's hair. He kept thinking, she's not going to wash me is she? He sat in the tub beet red and started to get hard at the thought of his aunt washing him, where was this going? His aunt took some kind of fragrant smelling shampoo and started to wash his hair. Some soap dripped down into his eyes and stung so bad he had to keep them tightly closed. All of a sudden his heart skipped a beat when he heard the door bell ring. "Stay right there, I'll be right back" his aunt said.

"These are Mary and Jane, Ms. Drew's daughters. She came by with some photographs and brought her two daughters to meet you so you would have some friends in the apartment building." Although the tub covered most of Tom, the two girls could tell how embarrassed he was by his red face. Both hoped to see more of him but didn't think that would happen. Mary, the older of the two said: "Maybe we came at a bad time, perhaps we can come by later." Tom thought that's the best idea he had heard so far. "Nonsense" said Patty "This is my nephew Tom, I was just about to give him a bath. Maybe you two girls could give him the bath while your mother and I look at the photographs." Tom felt faint, the hot water, the flower-like aroma, the embarrassment, it was all becoming too much for him. "Sure we could!," said Jane the younger of the two. "Ok, let me know when he's finished" said Patty and left, leaving the bathroom door partially open.

Mary and Jane could not believe what Tom's aunt asked them to do. Mary was seventeen and a senior in the high school where Tom's aunt Patty worked. She hoped to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a nurse. She had already been accepted in a nursing program at the local college and had been working at the local hospital as an nurses' aide. Jane was twelve and was in the same junior high school as Tom but a year behind him. She was into sports and knew Tom from school. Although she never spoke to him, her and all of her friends admired him from afar. Both girls inherited their mother's good looks and bodies. Mary and Jane approached the tub while Tom thought about drowning himself, or jumping up and running away. Mary picked up a washcloth and began to soap it while Jane picked up a scrub brush and just watched Mary. Mary began to wash Tom's back and said to him, "Don't be embarrassed. I work at the local hospital and give bed baths all the time. I have to be very thorough because I'm sure your aunt will inspect you when we are finished." Tom found little comfort in her words but had no choice. He could feel his face flush with embarrassment and what was worse the anticipation of the bath was making him erect. It was obvious that Mary was being thorough. She washed in his ears and behind them, even between each toe. Soon it was time when Tom would have to stand in the tub to give her access to all of his body parts. "All right, time to stand up," said Mary. Tom hesitated for a moment. He didn't know what to do, but he did know that he was erect and this would be an embarassing scene. "Come on Tom," said Mary "it's alright don't be embarassed, we just need to wash your wiener. I've seen plenty of boys wieners and I've had them in my hands, pussy, ass, cleavage, and mouth." With no choice he slowly stood, looking at him Jane almost peed in her pants with excitement. She could hardly believe that he had an erection, that his penis was becoming engorged with blood because he was sexually excited. Tom thought he had never been so embarrassed in his whole life as he was right now. Even Mary, who had seen lots of other boys' naked penises, was not totally prepared for what she saw before her. She had never seen an uncircumcised penis before. She had assumed that circumcision was something that was done to all boys in the United States. She told him, "Turn around so I can get your backside." She took the soapy cloth and washed his butt cheeks; she was surprised at the firmness of each globe and the depth of the cleft between them. This was definitely an athletic butt. She reached deep into the cleft with the cloth and then told Tom to bend over. She slid a soapy finger right up his butt hole. Tom clenched with surprise; she told him to open up and let her in or she would call his aunt to do it; he relaxed. Mary's finger slid inside his butt hole and she wiggled it around. "I've got to make sure your shitter is clean, that's why I'm sticking my fingers inside your ass." Of course that wasn't the only reason. Mary got pure pleasure from fingering a boy up his butthole, her pussy juices were now running like a faucet and soaking her soft silky undies. Tom was as hard as he could possibly be when Mary told him to turn around. When Tom turned and faced Mary and Jane, Jane gasped at the size of his erection. Mary took the soapy cloth and scrubbed his balls, she took his balls in her hand and pulled them from his body, even though they were tight under his penis. She washed each one separately and then let them go. His penis was pointing straight up and his foreskin had retracted enough to just let the tip of his glans show. Mary giggled to herself; she thought his uncircumcised penis looked a bit like an elephant trunk. She took the foreskin and retracted it tightly causing Tom a little pain. She picked up the washcloth and began running it over the sensitive glans and up and down the shaft. Tom couldn't believe what this pretty girl was doing to him. He flinched and squirmed a bit as she cleaned off the head of his penis. He didn't know if he could keep from ejaculating during this bath. He couldn't. Mary could see that he was struggling not to cum and she wanted to embarrass him even further. With a devilish smile she soaped up her hands and said "I just need to finish washing the head of your penis." She pulled back his foreskin with her left hand and started stroking him with her right. Tom felt her hand pump up and down his glans over and over again. She made sure to keep his foreskin out of the way so that there was no protection from her stroking hand. Tom just couldn't hold out any longer. His eyes rolled back in his head and Mary's hand squeezed out a powerful orgasm. Tom's cock spewed gob after gob of hot white cum in the air. It landed on Mary's face and even on Jane's face. Mary squeezed out the last gob with her strong hand and it fell on her tits and trickled down her low-cut shirt. Jane was shocked. The 12 year old girl had never seen a boy cum before. Mary licked the gob of cum off Jane's chin.
"Are you finished with him?" Aunt Patty asked Mary "Yes we are, we finished him off alright" Mary replied. Tom's erection had disappeared and his aunt told him to get out of the tub and into the living room, pronto. He looked for a towel or his clothes or something to cover himself with, but there was nothing available. Tom, not wanting to make his aunt angrier, exited the tub and ran to the living room dripping water as he went. He soon found himself standing in front of Ms. Drew. He tried to cover himself with his hands. Ms. Drew sat there like she saw naked boys everyday. She asked, "Tom are you playing with yourself?"
"What did I tell you about that?" shouted his aunt Patty as she came out of the bathroom carrying a towel, followed by the two girls. Tom quickly dropped his hands to his side and stood there naked as the day he was born, but much redder. His aunt took a kitchen chair and put it in the living room in front of the couch where Ms. Drew was seated, now joined by her two daughters. His aunt sat on the chair and ordered Tom to: "Get over here you!" He could tell from the tone of her voice that she was still very upset. He stood before his aunt and she began to dry him with the towel. She started with his hair, face, and back, paying particular attention to his ears, inspecting each one for cleanliness. After doing his chest and stomach she told him to lift one leg and put his foot on her knee. Tom felt like he was really putting on a display for the two women and two girls. He felt more like three years old than thirteen. His cute penis and delicate testicles dangled in the air for all to see. He could see the smile on the faces of Jane and Mary; and it made him feel all the more embarrassed. Then his aunt told him to turn around and bend over so she could dry his butt. Tom turned with his butt facing the couch. He felt utterly ridiculous but didn't want to make his aunt madder. She wiped his cheeks and then spread his butt open to wipe his crack. He knew they could all see his round puckered butt hole but he said nothing. His smiling aunt ran the towel up and down over his butt hole several more times than Tom felt was necessary. Even though Tom said nothing, her ministrations had their desired effect on his penis, which was growing and stiffening again. His aunt reached between his legs while he was bent over and paid particular attention to wiping his scrotum.

By the time she told him to stand up and turn around Tom had a full-blown erection. His penis pointed up with only a small portion of his glans showing under his uncircumcised foreskin. His aunt wiped his groin and testicles and then pulled his uncut skin down his shaft, exposing his glans. "Oh my God!" said his aunt, "What happened here, why is this so red?" Tom stood in silence; it was harder to tell what was redder, his face or his glans. He saw a worried look come over the two girls as they waited to see what he would say. Tom was always considered a stand-up kid. He knew that if he told what happened it would get the girls in trouble. And that would do nothing to help his present situation. The silence was broken when Ms. Drew said, "Let me see that," as she reached forward grabbing him by the dangling things in his groin and pulling him in front of her.

Ms. Drew looked at Tom's penis, yanking the foreskin back with her fingers and thumb, turning it this way and that, handling it very roughly, "I can't tell if it's an infection or an irritation" she said. "How long have you had this?" she asked Tom. He stood silently and seemed to be dumbfounded at this discovery, "I don't know" he said. "Mary go get my black bag for me" Ms. Drew commanded. Mary went across the hall and returned with her mother's nursing bag. Mr. Drew announced "I hope its not an infection, I'll take his temperature to make sure he doesn't have a fever." She removed a rectal thermometer, a pair of rubber gloves and a jar of KY jelly from her bag. "Over my lap Tom," she said, but he just stood there not believing what was happening, "Tom your already going to get spanked so you better move," said his aunt. Ms. Drew had moved to the single chair on which Patty sat to dry Tom. She opened her thighs and Tom laid across her legs with his dick hanging freely between them. His aunt and the two girls sat on the couch and were enjoying the show of Tom's penis swining back and forth, Ms. Drew put on the rubber gloves and dipped her finger into the KY. She spread Tom's buttcheeks apart and momentarily just sat there enjoying the view of his perfect brown rosebud. She started to rim his sphincter and then deftly inserted her finger deep into his butt. For his aunt and two girls on the couch it was easy to see Tom get an instant erection when the finger was inserted. "Hmm, his prostate gland seems fine." His uncircumcised dick grew even more, causing the hood to retract a little bit." Mary and Jane did not fail to notice the silky precum fluid that started to drip out of Tom's pee slit.
Ms. Drew removed her finger and inserted the thermometer which she slid in all the way, leaving just enough of it protruding to be able to pull it out. She sat there twisting the thermometer and pulled it up and down keeping her hand on Tom's ass, holding his buttcheeks far apart. After what seemed like forever to Tom, she pulled it out and announced he had no fever. Tom stood in front of Ms. Drew as she took a tube of cream from her bag. She pulled back his foreskin and began to rub the cream around his sore red glans. "This could be an irritation from his playing with himself, you know how boys are," said Ms Drew. "It could also be an infection. Many times penile infections are caused by the foreskin. Uncircumcised boys often get them. I have a friend who is a urologist and maybe we should have her examine him to see if he needs a circumcision. " She continued to rub the cream on Tom's penis, holding his foreskin back . He was stimulated to the point where he was upon his toes hoping he would not ejaculate right there and then. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop himself. His penis jerked and spasmed and blasted a load of hot, thick, gooey, white cum into Ms. Drew's hand. Ms. Drew stopped, startled, looked at the sticky cum in her hand with disgust and said "Just like a nasty uncircumcised boy to ejaculate at the slightest rubbing of his glans. Their penis heads are too sensitive from being sheltered by that foreskin most of the time. Boys are always playing with themselves, anyway. You should supervise him closely watching his toilet activities and make sure he leaves this alone so it can heal. I'll leave you this tube of cream and you should apply it every four hours, after you take his temperature. He can stop in my office at school tomorrow after his gym class and I'll take his temperature and apply some cream for him." Tom couldn't believe this was going to continue for more than one day and in school yet. Ms. Drew wiped Tom's gooey cum off her hand with a rag. She said she would examine his penis tomorrow. Patty thought that was a good idea.

Later that night, Patty had him lay on the bed and said she would give him one more treatment before he went to sleep. Tom lay on his stomach while Patty lubricated his butt, burying her finger to the hilt and said, "Ms. Drew was right, your prostate is fine." She inserted the thermometer and as Ms. Drew did, she twisted it pushing it in and out. When she removed it and got a normal reading she told him to turn over. As when Ms. Drew finished, he had a huge erection. Patty pulled his foreskin down and began rubbing the ointment on his glans. Tom became so excited he didn't know what to do. He didn't want to tell his aunt to stop lest she get mad and he sure didn't want to make a mess on the bed. Patty could see by the boy's reactions to her ministrations and that the boy was in a difficult state. She smiled inwardly and continued her rubbing, clenching her fingers even tighter around his slippery glans. Her hand kept pumping and stroking his glans while her other hand kept his foreskin pulled back. Aunt Patty showed no signs of letting up; her hand was applying a lot of friction to her nephew's glans penis. When he thought ejaculation was imminent he said "Aunt Patty I think I'm going to cum," Patty salivated at hearing this and pumped his penis two more times, then he stiffened and shot his load all over his stomach. Patty chastised him for being a nasty boy and making a mess and she retrieved a towel which she used to sensually wipe him clean. "You get to sleep" she said, " it's been a long tiring day." She left him on the bed naked and uncovered, his penis still leaking the cum residue that she had milked out of him, and he soon drifted off to sleep. Patty noticed his penis slowly return to an unerect state and his uncircumcised foreskin slide back over his cream-covered glans. She thought about her handiwork and about Tom's uncircumcised penis spewing its milky cum and she masturbated, stroking her erect pink clitoris until she came and spewed her love juices out of her vagina.

Tom awoke during the night, he was very cold and his teeth began to chatter. He was disoriented at first and then he remembered he was in his aunt's apartment and he was naked when he went to bed.
Tom awoke with a start when he felt someone shoving something up his ass. It was his aunt Patty who was lubricating his butt so she could take his temperature. "Stay still," his aunt said, "we're running late already and I don't need to spend more time on you." "OK," was Tom's only response as his aunt removed her finger and inserted the thermometer.
He went back into the living room to dress and his aunt handed him a pair of her pink panties and said to him, "Here, I want you to wear these." He said nothing but looked at her indicating you must be joking. "You have a sore pee-pee and I want you to wear something soft. I don't need any back talk either, remember you already have another spanking coming tonight," his aunt said. He took the panties from his aunt. At first he had a problem trying to figure which was the front and which was the back. He decided the side with the label was the back. He hurriedly put them on and finished dressing. He quickly joined his aunt who was waiting at the door. Without breakfast , Tom and his aunt left for school.
In gym class, "What's going on," asked the coach? Tom, who was standing there naked with his pair of panties bunched up in his hand, explained he has a sore dick and his aunt insisted he wear the panties. Tom skinned back his foreskin to show the coach his glans. The cream made it look worse than it actually was. "Ouch," said the coach when he saw Tom's dick.

It was time for his examination by the school nurse. Ms. Drew put on a rubber glove, while dipping it inlubricant she told Tom to lie down and turn sideways facing the wall. She inserted her finger in his butt and announced loud enough so her assistants could hear, "boy, you might need an enema today. I'll stop by your aunt's apartment after school and help you with that." He definitely heard laughing from the other side of the curtain. Ms. Drew removed her finger and inserted the thermometer in his butt. Ms. Drew went back and removed the thermometer from Tom's butt, but never closed the curtain. She announced that Tom had a fever and told him to roll onto his back. When Tom did so he had his usual erection. When he noticed the curtain was open he covered himself with his hands and pointed it out to Ms. Drew. She turned and closed the curtain saying to a wide-eyed Dawn, "boys and their modesty, they're always trying to hide." She pulled back Tom's foreskin and got out the tube of cream for his penis. As she applied the cream she said, "My, my, you're erect again. You're not going to cum in my hand again, are you?." Tom couldn't help it, though, he pumped a stream of creamy cum into Ms. Drew's hand. Ms. Drew looked at the creamy white puddle in her hand with disgust and spanked Tom's bum for being such a horny pervert and ejaculating in her hand when she rubbed his penis. She told him he could get dressed and again reminded him, "I'll be over later to give you your enema." She left the cubicle, again leaving the curtain opened. Tom dressed as quickly as possible and left without saying good bye. The fact that when he dressed, he put on pink panties, did not go unnoticed by Dawn, the assitant.

When the final bell rang ending the school day no one was happier than Tom. He decided he would walk home so he could have time to ponder the events of the day. When he arrived back at his aunt's apartment, he discovered she was already home and seated at the table having coffee with another person. "Come here," his aunt commanded, "I want you to meet my girlfriend Kathy, she will be staying with us for a few days." Tom approached the table as Kathy stood to greet him. Tom noticed she was wearing a halter top with a short black leather skirt and high leather boots. She was tall and very thin, she had at least six earrings pierced into each ear, a stud in her eye brow and another in her tongue, and a pierced belly button. She also had several colorful tattoos, including one on her left arm, one below her belly button above her crotch, and one on her lower back. Tom wondered to himself where in the small apartment she would be sleeping but dared not ask. "Hello sweety, happy to see you," said Kathy, Tom just said,"hello." "Did you go see Ms. Drew," his aunt asked? "Yes," replied Tom, "she said she would be coming over after school to help you with that other thing." referring to his enema. Tom looked at Kathy and started turning red."Take your clothes off Tom, I want to show Kathy your sore penis," said his aunt. Tom wanted to bolt into his room but knew better than to disobey. "Hurry up," said his aunt, Tom began to undress. When he removed his pants displaying his pink panties, Kathy looked at Patty and smiled. Tom removed his panties and stood naked before Kathy and Patty. Kathy was surprised at how good looking Tom was, also at his obedience to his aunt. Inwardly she thought about how much she was going to enjoy this stay. Patty had Tom stand in front of Kathy. Kathy knelt down and pulled back his foreskin, revealing his red glans. "That looks like it hurts," said Kathy, with that door bell rang. Kathy stood in the living room inspecting Tom's dick, moving it to and fro, pumping his foreskin up and down, as Patty answered the door. It was Ms. Drew and her two daughters, when they came in they all said hello to Kathy. It was apparent to Tom that they all knew Kathy and she knew them. "We are here to give Tom an enema!" exclaimed an excited little Jane while talking to Kathy. "Hush!" said Ms. Drew, she continued, "when Tom came to see me today he had a slight fever or cold. I don't think we should take any chances with him so I called my friend the doctor to see when she might be able to see him. The next time she has available this week is tomorrow at 11:00 A.M." "I have to work tomorrow, I'm not going to take time off work because of him," said Patty. "I could take him," said Kathy, with an all-too-bubbly tone. It was settled, Kathy would take Tom to the doctor's and Ms. Drew would call her friend and finalize the appointment.

"OK," said Ms. Drew, "let's get started with the enema. When I examined him this afternoon it seemed like he needed one. I brought a retention nozzle so we can do it right here in the living room." Patty produced a towel and spread it out on the floor right in front of the couch. Ms Drew told Tom to kneel on the towel with his head on the floor. Patty, Kathy and Jane all sat on the couch with Tom's butt facing them. Ms. Drew spread his cheeks widely apart, displaying his hole and scrotum. "Oh my God," Kathy laughed, taking in the view. Mary was helping her mother with the procedure. She put on a rubber glove, dipped it in lubricant, and inserted her finger deep in Tom's butt. She wiggled her finger around for what Tom thought was a very long time, and he fully erected, providing even more astonishing views to those seated behind him. When Mary removed her finger, she noticed it was covered in brown shit. "Eww, I see why he needs an enema!" she said. Her mother produced a nozzle with two balloons on it. She inserted it into Tom's butt and inflated both balloons, one inside him and the other outside, securely locking the nozzle in his butt. She explained to those assembled that this would prevent leaking. Ms. Drew and Mary went into the bathroom and returned with a bulging enema bag containing hot soapy water. Ms. Drew connected the bag to the nozzle and instructed Mary to hold the bag above Tom as she opened the clamp, letting the water flow into his guts. Tom could feel the warm water entering his intestines instantly. He was already uncomfortable because of the balloon blown upinside his butt, but he knew better than to complain. Ms. Drew was putting on a clinic for those assembled, she explained how the water was flushing out Tom's intestines. She instructed Mary to raise the bag, and the look on Tom's face showed immediate discomfort. Tom squeezed his cheeks as tight as the nozzle would allow but he was certain his strained guts could hold no more, "Nonsense" said Ms. Drew, "the bag's not even half empty." Ms. Drew told Mary to lower the bag and asked Kathy to kneel next to Tom and rub his stomach, she said "If you caress his stomach, his guts will relax and be able to take more water." Kathy quickly complied. A sheen of sweat began to cover Tom and he began rocking to and fro. He was obviously in distress from this enema but Kathy stroking his belly was not unpleasant. He finally felt his internal sausage casings expand and his discomfort was temporarily relieved. Ms. Drew was determined he was going to take the entire bag. Kathy then began rubbing Tom's scrotum and the new pleasure allowed him to endure even more water. Ms. Drew instructed him to lay flat on the towel. She had him roll over from side to side stretched out on the floor so the water would reach every part of his intestines. Kathy again rubbed his belly to try to force the water up into the nether-reaches of his intestinal tract. He provided some great entertainment to those who witnessed his rolling about. When the bag finally emptied, Ms. Drew closed the clamp to stop the water from leaking out. Kathy made sure Tom was OK, she paid special attention now to his penis, which was rock hard. Kathy encircled her palm and long thin fingers around his cock and pulled his foreskin up and down. When she did this, Tom forgot all about the pain in his gut. She seemed to know just what to do to make a boy feel good. Tom jerked and spasmed and a huge stream of cum shot out all over Kathy's hand. Ms.Drew finally had Mary take Tom to the bathroom. Mary had him sit on the commode and she released the balloon, allowing a cascade of mud-like water to leave him. Tom was becoming faint from all of this and at one point Mary had to steady him on the bowl. The water just kept coming and coming. When Tom stopped emptying his bowels, Ms Drew entered the bathroom inspecting his offering before she flushed the toilet. "Boy, did you need that," she told a very weak Tom. Ms. Drew instructed Mary to clean him up. Mary squatted down in front of the toilet where Tom was sitting and grabbed a towel. First she wiped off his scrotum, then his penis which was still covered with splooge from his orgasm. "My, that was a lot of cum." Mary said as she smiled. "only 13 and just past puberty and already those balls of yours are really producing." She pulled back his foreskin and gently wiped his sensitive glans clean. Then she made him stand up and she wiped his butt clean. Amazingly, Tom's dick was still hard. Mary just couldn't resist. She stripped her own clothes off and sat down naked on the toilet. Tom's eyed grew wide as he gazed upon her full, round, voluptuous breasts. She smiled and said to Tom, "Do you like my breasts?"
"Oh, yes." he said
"Of course you do, I saw you staring at them." Mary then pulled Tom close to her and guided his penis between her soft tits. Tom instinctively pumped his dick between Mary's big boobs until he had another orgasm. The cum spilled all over Mary's tits. She licked the cum off her own tits then she stroked her throbbing clit until she squirted a stream of pussy juice.

Mary then got up and hugged Tom, pressing her naked body against his. "Tom, thanks for not ratting us out about your bath yesterday, we owe you one." Tom just shook his head acknowledging Mary's words. Mary led him out to the living room and again placed him butt up on the towel. Ms. Drew announced, "I bought some suppositories for his fever." She had Mary lubricate him again and she inserted two somewhat large suppositories intoan exhausted Tom. Patty told Tom to go rest on the bed for a while and she would call him for supper. The naked and exhausted Tom layed on the bed and soon fell asleep.

"It's time for another treatment" said his aunt, "I'm going to let Kathy do it this time so she can learn the routine." Tom layed down over Kathy's lap and she stuck a lubricated finger into his butt. Kathy looked at Patty and it was obvious she could just about contain herself from laughing. Kathy could tell that he did not need a bowel movement anymore and the suppositories had melted. She inserted the thermometer and did what had become the custom, pushing it in and out and twirling it about. Kathy announced that the fever had apparently gone away and instructed Tom to stand. As in the past he was fully erect and Kathy applied the cream to his still red glans. When she finished Patty told him to put on his panties and allowed him to watch TV until supper was ready. After a tasty supper Tom was again allowed to watch TV. He became very nervous about his up coming spanking and chills began to run up and down his spine. When the show he was watching ended Kathy called him and said it was time for his bath. He marched into the bathroom wondering what happened to Mary and Jane who were supposed to bathe him, but he did not ask. Kathy was filling the tub, as his aunt did, she was adding some kind of flowery scent to the water. Kathy looked at him and asked, "are you going to wash with those panties on sweety?" Tom, remembering that's what spurred his spanking yesterday, got them off as quickly as possible without saying a word. Kathy just smiled to herself when she saw him get naked so obediently. Tom climbed into the water and Kathy walked out of the bathroom leaving the door wide open. With that the door bell rang. Tom thought it might be Mary and Jane coming to give him his bath. He looked out into the living room and saw his aunt and Kathy talking to two other girls, who he did not know. Tom again thought that he should get up and close the door or do something, he couldn't just sit there on display. His aunt Patty came into the bathroom with the two girls. "This is Margaret and Pam," she told Tom, "they are two of my students who came for tutoring." Tom looked at the two pretty girls and said, "my name is Tom, I'm pleased to meet you." Patty thought to herself how different Tom's response was today than it was yesterday with Mary and Jane, she inwardly smiled to herself. She left the bathroom with the two girls as Kathy came in to wash Tom, again leaving the door wide open.Margaret and Pam sat at the kitchen table with their books open but their attention directed at Tom, who they could clearly see being washed by Kathy. When Kathy had Tom stand so Kathy could wash his butt and genitals' Margaret announced, "I have to go to the bathroom." Patty told her,"go ahead, just have Kathy make him face away from the commode." Margaret walked into the bathroom and stood next to Kathy as she was washing Tom's butt. Tom wanted to hide but had nowhere to go, he tried to stand sideways when Kathy slapped his ass and admonished him to stand still. He stood there fully on display not only to Margaret but to Pam who was peering thru the doorway from the kitchen table. Katy had Tom stand with his back to the commode so Margaret could use it. His side view however did provide Pam with a view of his erection which was now pointing straight up. Margaret finished her business, flushed and again stood next to Kathy as she retracted his foreskin and gently washed his glans. Pam jumped up from the table and announced she too had to use the toilet. Patty knew the girls had more on their mind than their lessons but said nothing. Pam entered the bathroom and stood next to Kathy and Margaret just as Margaret asked, "why is that so red?" Kathy told the girls,"we don't know, we're taking him to the doctor tomorrow to find out." Pam said, "my brother's was sore like that and he had to be circumcised." A chill ran down the embarrassed Tom's spine when he heard that. After rinsing Tom, Kathy told him to go in the living room where she could dry him. The two girls returned to thekitchen table and sat facing the opposite way so they could see Tom getting dried. Pam even forgot to go to the toilet. Patty admonished the two girls to pay more attention totheir studies. When Kathy finished drying Tom, she told him to put his panties back on and that he could watch TV until bedtime. Tom recalled that his panties were in the bathroom and he would have to pass the two girls at the table to get there. Tom ran to the bathroom like a naked little boy to get his panties. Pam and Margaret looked at each other and smiled as he ran past. Tom put his panties on in the bathroom and ran back to the couch to watch TV. Tom contemplated his upcoming doctors visit. He was very worried about this visit but he soon fell asleep.

Tom awoke the next morning to the sound and smells of someone cooking.
"Let's go," said Kathy, "it's ready." Tom decided to run to the potty before sitting down for breakfast. His erection pointed the way as he went past Kathy and did not go unnoticed. Tom saw his panties lying on the floor by his bed and asked Kathy if it would be all right to wear them while he ate. After getting permission and sitting down with Kathy, Tom enjoyed a very nice breakfast. This was the first opportunity he had to talk with Kathy and he soon got the impression that he really liked her. Kathy told him their doctors appointment was at 11:00 A.M. and she would have to give him a bath before they went. Kathy went into the bathroom and began to run water in the tub. She called Tom in as she was adding the flowery scent to the water and mixing it with her hand. Tom came into the bathroom and removed his panties without being told. Kathy thought to herself that Tom had come a long way in only a few days. She told him that the doctor would probably inspect his entire body and she was going to clean him thoroughly. When she pulled back his foreskin, he started secreting silky precum. Tom thought the enema, the suppositories, and a good nights sleep helped his dick to heal and his cold to go away, but he was going to the doctor anyway. After Kathy scrubbed every nook and cranny of Tom's body she told him to get out of the tub and into the living room so she could dry him. She dryed him with a towel and then she took out a jar of hand cream from her purse. She scooped out some of the cream with her fingers, pulled back Tom's foreskin and put the cream on the head of his penis. The cream felt cool and wet to Tom. Kathy encircled her hand around the head of the penis and began to rub. She held back his foreskin and stroked, his penis was well-lubricated by the slippery cream. Tom blushed and felt embarassed, he couldn't believe he was going to cum in front of this woman he just met. But he did cum all over Kathy's hand and she kept pumping him to squeeze every drop of cum out of his penis.

Kathy then wiped her hands on the towel and helped Tom put on his silky girl-panties. They were light blue Victoria's Secret bikini-cut panties. Then she gave Tom a kiss on the lips and loaded him into her car to take him to the doctor.
At the doctor's office a young pretty nurse came out and called Tom's name. Kathy got up and took Tom by the hand and they followed the nurse into a rather large examining room. The nurse told Kathy her name was Kim, she also told Tom to remove all of his clothing and hang them on a nearby clothes rack. He began to undress with the two women just standing there watching him. When he got down to his panties Kim looked at Kathy and they both smiled. He removed his panties and stood naked before the two women. Kim noticed Tom's pink and red butt and said teasingly to Tom, "Did someone get a spanking recently? I hope they learned their lesson and won't need another one here today." Tom just looked down at the floor. Kathy and Kim both giggled. Kim had Tom stand on the scale taking his weight and height. She had him stand as straight as possible while taking his height and she brushed against his penis while adjusting the bar on top of his head. Tom thought this body contact with Kim was very erotic and he began to get erect. By the time Kim finished taking his blood pressure he had a full-blown erection. Kim got out her ruler and measured it. "Four inches. He's small yet but he's still growing."

Kim interjected saying, "don'tworry about it, it happens all the time." Tom sat quietlyturning a deep shade of red. Kim had Tom lie on the examination table and produced a pairof stirrups at the end of the table. She had him slide downto the end and put a foot in each stirrup, he was now ondisplay for all the world to see. Kim took a thermometerand after lubricating it put it in his butt hole which couldbe clearly seen. She pushed it in and out twirling itwhile they waited the required time. After removing it Kimmade a notation on his chart regarding the reading and toldKathy, "he doesn't have a fever." Kim looked at his sparse pubic hair and ran her fingersthrough it, ignoring his erect penis. "I'll have to cleanhim up a bit," she told Kathy, "Dr. Becker want's her boypatients clean and smooth." Kathy smiled as Kim was wipingTom's groin and butt with a warm wet towel. Tom thought tohimself, she's not going to shave my pubes, is she? Soon Kim had his pubes and butt shaved clean as a whistle. She took some warm oil and rubbed it in where she shaved. Tom felt like he was about to ejaculate with Kim'sministrations but she soon stopped. Kathy bought him to reality when she said, "Tom, I can'tbelieve you still have an erection, wait till I tell youraunt how much you embarrassed me." Kim told him to removehis feet from the stirrups and sit on the table to wait forthe doctor. As he waited for the doctor, Tom thought, hefelt more naked now than when he first took his clothes off.Dr. Becker came into the exam room and walked directly overto Kathy. "I have a young girl whose mother wants me tocounsel her about boys, would you mind if she were presentfor his examination?" "Not at all," Kathy replied. Tomthought he was going to have a heart attack, don't I get asay he thought? Dr. Becker went to the door and called inRosalie and her mom, directing them to two chairs where theycould sit. Tom also noticed she left the exam room doorwide open. Dr. Becker placed a small stool in front of Rosalie and hermom and called Tom over to stand in front of her. He had anerection and hoped the floor would collapse and he wouldfall thru it before he got to the doctor. She grabbed hispenis, pulled back the foreskin and looked at his glanssaying, "It's not so bad." Kathy told the doctor, "it was very bad the last few days,we have been putting cream on it and thought he had to becircumcised or something." "I recommend all boys be circumcised," said Dr. Becker, "but his problem wasprobably caused by him playing with himself."Dr. Becker noticed Tom's pink and red butt. She seemed verycold when she said to Tom, "I hope you're not going to needanother spanking today." Tom said nothing but lookedsilently at the floor. Dr. Becker looked at Kathy and toldher that she whole heartedly approved of spanking as a meansof discipline, especially for boys Toms' age.Dr. Becker said to Tom, "since you already have an erectionI want you to masturbate for us, before your exam, so I cansee if your technique might be causing your problem." Sheadded, "if you're a good boy I'll give you a lolly popbefore you go." Tom just stood there, shocked like he was in a dream andthought this couldn't be real, he had no idea what to do. Kathy helped him out when she said, "you heard what thedoctor said, she want's you to jerk off, so get to it." Sheadded, "wait till I tell your aunt how you behaved, you'regoing to get it good." Tom reached down and wrapped his hand around his erectpenis, still thinking this can't be real. He slowly beganstroking it up and down in front of the five women. Dr.Becker told Kim, "make sure you get a sample so we can do asperm count." Kathy told Tom, "lets get moving faster so we can get somesperm for the doctor, and keep your eyes open while yourdoing it." All of the women smiled at Kathy's remarks. Tomwho had his eyes shut, opened them and increased his pace,he felt he would never be able to ejaculate under thesecircumstances. Dr. Becker took her glove-covered hand and lubricated it. Reaching behind Tom and inserted her finger into his butt. She took her other hand and began squeezing his testicles. She started a rhythm of squeezing along with his downstroke. Soon Tom told them, "I think I'm going to cum." Kim produced a jar and covered Tom's penis just as heejaculated. Rosalie and her mom watched and were amazed at what justhappened. Even her mom couldn't believe this was part ofcounseling, but said nothing. Kathy just smiled thinkinghow great that was. Dr. Becker removed her finger from hisbutt and milked his penis into the jar Kim was holding. Shewiped him up and told him to sit on the table so she coulddo her examination.While Tom was going to the table, Dr. Becker told Kathy, "Icould see why he is so irritated, we will have to show him adifferent way to hold his penis so it won't be soirritating."

Dr. Becker asked Kim, "did you get a urine sample from him?" "No doctor, he's been erect since he came in," said Kim. "OK, lets get one from him now before he gets erect again,"said the doctor. Kim produced a large jar and Tom thoughtthey would be going to the bathroom to collect the sample. Instead the doctor told Tom to stand in front of her, placedhis penis in the mouth of the jar and told him to go ahead. There was no way he was going to be able to pee in the jarin front of these women, even with the threat of a spankingfrom Kathy. Kim stood next to him and placed one hand overhis bladder and one behind his back. With a few squeezeshis urine began to flow. To Rosalie and her mom it was likesomeone touched a stone and got water.Dr. Becker called Kathy over, and produced a clamp likedevice. She explained to Kathy that sometimes when a boy isuncircumcised and his penis is irritated it is necessary tohold back the foreskin and expose the glans to air so itcan heal. She demonstrated the clamp for Kathy by placingTom's penis into the tube like device. There was a wing nutattached to the tube and when the doctor began to turn thenut it pulled Tom's foreskin into the tube exposing hisglans.
Dr. Becker ordered Tom back up on the table and had Kimreturn his feet to the stirrups. Dr. Becker spread thestirrups wide forcing Tom's knees further apart and closerto his chest. She had Rosalie stand beside her and shebegan a real class on boys' anatomy. She allowed Rosalie to feel the shaft of Tom's erect penis,feel his prostate even spread open the opening of hisurethra. Rosalie felt his scrotum, each testicle, the cordsattached to them and the vas deferens. By the time Dr.Becker was finished Rosalie knew more about boys' anatomythan most married women. Rosalie's mother, who was watchingintently, even learned a thing or two.

Once in the apartment the whole show became Kathy. She wentinto a tirade about how she had never been so embarrassed inher whole life as she was in the doctor's office by Tom. Hewas playing with himself, he had an erection the whole time,he was disobedient to both the doctor and the nurse and heras well. Patty listened and looked at a red faced Tom and asked, "what do you have to say for yourself young man?" Tom said, "I'm sorry aunt Kathy, I didn't mean to embarrass you." Both Kathy and Patty were pleased when he addressed Kathy asaunt Kathy. "Not as sorry as you are going to be," said Patty. "Youhave a spanking coming tonight and Kathy is going to give itto you." Kathy smiled at Tom and his heart sank. He couldonly imagine what a spanking from Kathy would be like. Withthat the door bell rang.Patty showed Ms. Drew and her daughters into the living roomwhere Ms. Drew asked, "how did you make out at the doctors?" Kathy again repeated her litany of complaints to Ms. Drew. Finally Ms. Drew asked, "what did the doctor say?" Kathy replied, "she recommended he be circumcised, that hechanges the way he jerks off and someone should watch himwhile he does it. He should wear this clamp," which sheproduced from her pocket book. She also said we shouldspank him.

The next day, after breakfast, Patty told Tom to get in the bathtub so shecould clean him up before taking him to Kathy's. He wastold to stand in the empty bathtub while Kathy coated hisbody with a smooth feeling cream. She applied the creameverywhere including his genitals and the crack of hisbutt. Tom thought to himself that only a few days ago he wasembarrassed to let his Aunt Patty see him in his underwear. Now she handled his body like it was her own, Tom soonbecame erect. He wondered what his parents would think ifthey knew how he was being treated. Tom's aunt Patty told him "it's not polite for a boy to beerect in front of a woman, we'll have to do something toteach you not to get hard." Tom just blushed and lookeddown. He continued to wonder why his aunt was putting somuch soap on him instead of bathing him the usual way.

His aunt adjusted the water so itwas cold while she rinsed him and his erection soondisappeared. He never felt so naked in his life. Pattysaid, "there that takes care of that nasty boy habit ofgetting erect."Tom was told to sit in the tub while his aunt continued tofill the tub with cold water. Tom's skin started to feellike a chicken with goose bumps all over. His aunt took aflannel and washed him thoroughly, inspecting to see that hewas completely hair free from the neck down. He was.He went into the living room where his aunt dried him thoroughly. She sprinkled him with powder and rubbed it in. With no hair Patty could feel how smooth his body was andshe started to get moist. She pulled back his foreskin andput an extra sprinkle of powder on his glans and rubbed itin. Then she took some perfume and squirted him with it. Patty stood back and admired her work thinking how beautifulTom looked all cleaned up and naked. Especially how beautiful Tom's bare little boy cock looked all clean and powdered.

The ride to Kathy's house was longer than Tom expected. They drove out of the city, and left the highway into arural area. Finally they turned into a long driveway whichled to a gate which was open. Tom could see a large houseand thought this couldn't possibly be where Kathy lived. Patty stopped in front of the house and announced, "this isit."Tom and Patty stood on the front steps and Patty rang thedoor bell. While they waited she looked down at Tom andsaid, "Kathy's parents are very wealthy."A stern looking woman, the maid, answered the door, andallowed them to enter. She told them Miss Kathy wasoutside at the pool entertaining. They were led thru thehouse to the rear of the building where there was a verylarge swimming pool. Tom was amazed that Kathy could live in a place like this. He had a very uneasy feeling about being left with Kathy,and wished he could have stayed home.Kathy was seated at a pool side table with three otherwomen, all about her age. All four rose to great Patty andTom. They all commented on how darling Tom looked. He feltlike a fool the way he was dressed and could only blush. There were two young girls, a little younger than Tom, whowere swimming in the pool. Kathy called them over to meethim, their names were Mary and Jane. They were the littlesisters of one of the women who was seated with Kathy. Tom immediately noticed all of the women and two young girlswere wearing scant bathing suits which just barley coveredtheir essentials. He also noticed that one was cuter thanthe other and all of the women and even the girls had greatshapes.Kathy told Patty that her little brother went shopping withhis governess and should be home shortly. She told Patty,"don't worry your nephew will be in good hands." All ofthe women snickered and an uneasy feeling swept over Tom. After giving Tom a stern warning about good behavior orelse, Patty left.The maid came out of the house with a tray of refreshmentsand all of the women sat back down at the pool side table. Tom, feeling uncomfortable about sitting with the women,walked around the pool looking it over, there was even adiving board and a slide. The way he was dressed he felthot and uncomfortable, he wished he bought a bathing suit.Kathy called over to him and asked, "why don't you jump infor a swim, it's very refreshing?" Tom thinking about where this might lead called back, "no,it's alright, I didn't even bring a suit, and I don't feellike swimming today"Kathy responded, "Oh you don't need a suit it's just usgirls here. My brother never wears a suit when he goesswimming." Tom didn't like the sound of this one bit, he responded, "noI don't feel like swimming".Kathy called back, "maybe you could just wear your underwearfor now if your modest. The water is really cool andrefreshing."Tom knew he was wearing red panties under his short pantsand would feel foolish wearing panties while swimming. Thenhe thought I can't look any sillier than I do now. Tomyelled back, "O.K." From where he was standing he couldn'tsee the smiles that crept over the faces of the women seatedat the table.Tom walked to the far side of the pool away from where thewomen were seated. He removed all of his clothing exceptfor his panties and folded them neatly leaving them on achair. He jumped into the water and began swimming aroundtrying to stay away from the side of the pool where thewomen were seated.All of the women laughed at him in his red panties andobserved him closely as he swam about. All were struck athis athletic body and the way he moved about in the water. He was a very good swimmer and got out to use the divingboard several times. He stopped diving when he almost losthis panties. Tom noticed his wet panties clung to his bodyand showed more than he wanted to show so he stayed in thewater.While he was treading water in the pool, the maid came outof the house with another tray of refreshments for theladies. She set the tray down on the table and walked tothe far side of the pool. Tom watched as she picked up hisclothes from the chair and carried them into the house. Tombegan to get very nervous about this.Kathy called, "Tom, come and have something to eat." Tomthought there was no way he was going over by the ladies inhis wet panties.He called back, "I'm not hungry, I'll just stay here for awhile." He hoped that would stop what he felt was becominginevitable."Do I have to tell you again," yelled Kathy? Tom knew bythe tone of her voice what he had to do. He started makinghis way thru the water to the side of the pool where theladies were seated. As he climbed out of the water in hiswet panties he was greeted by huge smiles from all of theladies seated at the table."Come here and let me dry you off," said Kathy, holding up alarge white towel. Tom walked over to her and she drapedhim in the towel. "Lets get these wet panties off,"said Kathy."Please aunt Kathy," said Tom, looking pleading at Kathy.Hoping for some sort of reprieve, but remembering his soreass from last night."Oh, stop complaining," said Kathy, sounding irritated,"It's just us girls here, what's your problem?" Tom saidnothing as Kathy lowered his panties and he stepped out ofthem. Mary and Jane could hardly contain themselves as Tom nowstood naked before them. All of the women looked at Tom'sdick, which was shriveled from the cool water. All hadsmiles on their faces. Kathy had Tom draped with the towel as she started dryinghis hair then his back and chest working her way down. Thenshe took the towel and started drying his legs leaving himcompletely exposed to the gaze of all. While drying hisbutt Mary asked, "how come he doesn't have any hairanywhere?"Kathy told the women, "he had a sore dick and the doctorwants him hair free until he's completely healed." Kathylaid his penis in the white towel and held it in her hand. She pulled back his foreskin and said, "this is where it wassore, it looks pretty good now, doesn't it?""Let me see it," someone said. Tom was then passed aroundfrom person to person as each took his dick and inspectedit. Some cupped his testicles and some stroked his foreskinup and down. When it was Jane's turn she pinched the coronaof his glans hard and he yelped in pain. "Behave yourself," said his aunt. Tom tried to stifle hiswords as Jane continued to pinch him. Tom could take nomore and made the fatal mistake of letting his thoughts passthru his lips."Stop you little shit," said Tom, immediately realizing whata huge error he just made."Well," said Kathy, "It looks like someone need to learn howto respect women better." Tom knew he was in trouble. Henow had a hard on from all of the fondling the women didinspecting his dick and he felt very lonely as he wasencircled by the women."Lets start by getting rid of that erection," said Kathy,"It's not polite to walk around women with an erection. Show them what the doctor told you to do with that." Tomthought about pleading for mercy but realizing that would befruitless, he reached down and grabbed his dick with threefingers, just like the doctor showed him. He began to moverhis foreskin up and down."Faster," said Kathy, "and keep your eyes open." Tom openedhis eyes and looked at the smiles on all of the women'sfaces and he increased the speed of his pumping. Soon heannounced, "I think I going to cum." Kathy took the toweland held it in front of him as he began to spurt streams ofwhite cum. All of the ladies cheered and some whistled as he shot hisload. They slapped him on the back and someone kissed him. For a second or two he actually felt good that he pleasedeveryone. His dick began to wilt and he wondered what wasnext.Kathy soon announced it's time for your lesson in manners. She sat down on a lawn chair and called Tom over. Sheplaced him over her lap with his dick hanging between herspread open legs so everyone could see it. She began tospank him and did not spare the rod. He soon began cryingand apologizing to anyone who would listen.

After eating, Kathy asked "shall we go outside to the pool?" All those assembled went outside to the pool area. It was achilly and cloudy day and all of the women were wearingeither sweaters or light jackets. Both boys were wearingjust their T-shirts, which left exposed the bottom of theirbutts and the tips of their gentiles. They stood silentlywondering what was going to happen. Kathy said, "lets have a contest like we did yesterday." "Ithink the boys should have a swimming race to see who's thebetter swimmer." A round of cheers went up from the womenassembled. Tom and Sterling just looked at each other. Kathy looked at the two shivering boys and added, "Iwouldn't want to be the loser of this race, if you know whatI mean." Both boys recalled yesterdays contest about thesize of their dicks, and recalled the penalty for losing.Kathy announced the race would be twenty-five laps back andforth the length of the pool. Both boys looked at eachother and neither thought they would be able to swim thatdistance, never mind race that far.Both boys were led to the end of the pool and told to removetheir shirts. The cool air had both of them shivering andtheir dicks shriveling. When the signal was given bothjumped into the pool and found the water was heated. Bothswam as fast as they could, not for competition but forfear of being the loser. Along each side of the pool was a row of chairs. The womenall seated themselves watching the boys swim, with thereshimmering wet bodies and their asses sticking up out of thewater. Both boys were given cheers of encouragement.After four laps Sterling began to take a lead. Tomrealizing the race may be slipping away doubled his effortsremembering this was a long race and he would have to pacehimself. A funny thought came over Tom's mind about how nice it feltsliding thru the water with no trunks on. He also thoughtthe lack of hair even made him move faster. Under othercircumstances he thought he would really enjoy swimmingnaked. He knew swimming naked was putting on a show for theladies seated pool side but he had other thoughts on hismind.After ten laps Tom began to close the gap between himselfand Sterling. Both boys began to tire and the race was noteven half over. Both boys fearing the penalty for losingpressed on, drawing just about even. The ladies sensing both boys were slowing down and runningout of steam shouted words of encouragement. It seemed toTom that there were even more ladies present now than whenthe race started.After fifteen laps neither the boys nor the ladies in thecrowd thought this race would go the full twenty-five laps. Both boys were just making an effort to keep moving forward. Both boys however were still close to each other with noclear cut advantage to either boy.After twenty grueling laps Sterling came up with what seemeda novel approach. When he turned for the twenty-first laphe flipped over on his back to float and kicked his legs. Tom soon adapted this approach and the boys turned it into afloating contest. The women cheered as they could now seethe boys genitals as they moved thru the water. Both boyswere close with Sterling having a slight lead.Tom new this contest had no winner just a loser and he wasdetermined he couldn't lose. As they approached the last lapTom turned and swam for all he was worth. He used his lastbit of energy to just nudge Sterling at the finish line.Both boys left the warm water and were shivering when theywere led to a semi circle of chairs where the women were nowseated. Both boys were wet and cold and their dicksshriveled to where they could just about be seen.

After cooling off both boys left the pool and walked to thetable where they each grabbed a towel and sat down dryingthemselves. Tom heard one lady remark to Kathy that theyboth looked so much alike and they both had tiny dicks. Kathy pointed out that they both just left the pool and theywere shriveled. She also decided to have a contest and seewhich had the bigger penis when it wasn't shriveled.Kathy called everyone together and announced a contest tosee which boy had the bigger dick. Tom and Stirling bothlooked at each other as if they didn't want any part ofthis.Kathy laid out the rules. She divided everyone up into twoteams. Each team would have either Tom or Stirling as theirchampion. Both teams had fifteen minutes to prepare theirchampion with an erection, after fifteen minutes each wouldbe measured to see who's was bigger, and which team wouldwin. She added, Tom's foreskin would have to be retractedfor the measurement.

Ms. Burns was declared the judge and final arbitrator of thecontest, a job she already detested. She had each boy standin front of her and measured Stirling first. Six and oneeight inches she announced. Stirling beamed with pride andall of the women on his team cheered. She grasped Tom's foreskin and pulled it back sharply,causing a look of pain on Tom's face, while she herself hada smile on hers. Six and one quarter inches she announcedwhen she measured Tom's erection. The cheer from Tom's teamwas defining.

It was obvious that Tom and Sterling were really gettinginto it. Even their embrace appeared tighter than when theystarted. After a few minuets Kathy said, "all right that'senough, come here." When the boys broke their embrace andwalked toward her each sported a huge erection. The women roared their approval and someone shouted, "theylook much warmer now."Kathy said, "it looks like you two do have a thing for eachother." "But first things first. Sterling you lost therace, and you know what than means, don't you?" "So get toit.""Yes Miss Kathy," Sterling dropped to his knees in front ofTom. He took Tom's penis, pulled back his foreskin andplaced it in his mouth. Tom stood there in total disbeliefof what was happening. There was a loud roar of approvalfrom the assembled women.Kathy admonished both boys to keep their eyes open. Tomjust stood there looking down at Sterling. Then he beganto get sexual feelings as Sterling slid his dick in and outof his mouth.

In the late afternoon all of the women were seated for tea. Tom and Sterling helped the house staff with serving. Itseemed every time they passed one of the women they gotgroped. Tom began to get upset with the way he was beingtreated, especially by the younger girls. It seemed evertime he passed one of the girls he either got fondled orpinched. Clearly he wasn't having a good afternoon. Sterling was also getting pinched and fondled but seemed totake it more in stride. Sterling never lost his smile orcommented in any way his displeasure.As tea was finishing, Kathy called Tom to the head of thetable. She said in a loud voice that everyone heard, "Youknow young man, I think I am detecting an attitude problemwith you." "Do you think your someone special or thatserving these ladies is beneath you?" "Do you think thatyour a male and superior to these women?"Tom was surprised at this calling down and replied, "no AuntKathy." Tom stood in front of his Aunt Kathy with his handsat his side, naked and feeling very venerable. Tom's kneesgot week as Kathy continued her inquisition. Tom got paleand started to get a queezy feeling in his stomach.Kathy called Tom to stand directly in front of her and placehis hands on his head. She reached out and grabbed hispenis and fondled him to erection. She ordered him to gostand in front of each lady seated at the table andapologize for his lack of proper attitude and respect forthem. She added that he had better smile while apologizingand he better maintain a more positive attitude for the restof the day. As he turned to do as ordered, Kathy told himto stop and bend over. She reached out and gave him a hardpinch on the butt.As Tom approached each women it seemed the pattern had beenset by Kathy. Each reached out and fondled him and had himturn around for a pinch. Although each pinch wassufficient to bring tears to his eyes he managed to maintaina smile. Upon finishing he again stood in front of Kathy who said, "Ithink we have to get rid of some of that testosterone youare carrying, start masturbating." Tom stood in front ofthe women and began his two finger masturbating.As he masturbated in front of the women Tom wondered how didhe reach this point. He no longer had any modesty, privacy,or self esteem. He had been reduced to a sex toy for theseladies. It dawned on him the same was true for his friendSterling. Not wanting to suffer the consequences Tom continued tomasturbate looking at the ladies and smiling as if he wereenjoying himself. The ladies were all smiling and hootingtheir approval and encouraging him to continue. Finally Tomdid the inevitable and ejaculated to the cheers of thecrowd. Tom felt defeated and continued to smile althoughthe inward embarrassment was becoming more than he couldhandle. He hopped at least his aunt would be pleased andleave him alone.

Back at home later that evening, Ms. Drew looked at Tom and asked, "Tom aren't you feelingwell?" Tom didn't answer. Ms. Drew suggested, "perhaps Ishould take his temperature and make sure he isn't ill."Patty answered by saying, "yes why don't you?" It was clearby the tone in her voice that she was trying to suppress aninner feeling of anger. She gave Tom a stern look and hefelt like he was going to either wet himself or vomit. Ms Drew reached into her black bag which was sitting on thefloor near where she was seated. She withdrew a larger thannormal thermometer, some lubricant and rubber gloves. Shestood and placed a chair facing the other women seated atthe table. She called Tom to stand in front of her, andhelped him remove his shirt so it wouldn't get in the way. As he was standing with his back to the table, Patty saw hisblack and blue butt with the one stripe on it from Ms. Burnscane. She asked Tom, "did you misbehave and have to bepunished at Kathy's house?""Yes," said Tom, in a voice that was laced with fear.Rose interjected, "He misbehaved on the way home also." "Hewas making faces at the girls."Everyone could tell Patty was steaming, they could also tellTom was in for it. Ms. Drew broke the aura when she toldTom to lay over her lap. Tom complied quickly andpositioned himself so his dick hung freely between Ms.Drew's leges, where it could be seen by all. Rose's twodaughters thought this was some show and elbowed each otherunder the table.Ms. Drew lubed up her gloved fingers and began to lubricateTom's butt. All of the women could seem him immediatelyerect. She inserted the thermometer and as before drove itup and down. She twirled it about waiting the requiredtime, all the while Tom was erect. Tom thought thisthermometer was more than just a thermometer. It felt likesomeone was using a dildo on him.When Ms. Drew removed the thermometer she read it andpronounced Tom's temperature as normal. Patty called Tom tocome stand in front of her. Tom complied immediately withhis erection leading the way."What's this?" asked Patty, as she reached out and took holdof Tom's erection. Tom was to frightened to speak. "Isthis how you control yourself in front of guests?" askedPatty.No response from Tom. "Go stand in the corner until I'mready for you." Tom immediately went to the corner of theroom and stood on weak knees facing the wall.Patty sat at the table with the women sipping her coffee. All of the women could tell her level of anger was rising. Jean and Joan hoped whatever she was going to do to Tom,they would get to see it.Patty faced Jean and Joan and said, "Tom usually gets a bathbefore bed time would you girls like to give it to him?" The smile on their faces was enough for an answer. Pattygot up and went into the bathroom to run the water and addher flowery scents to it.When the water was ready Patty called out, "get in hereyou." Tom came running thru the door and almost dove intothe water. Patty admonished him to be on his best behaviorand left, leaving the door wide open. A wide smile brokeout on the faces of Jean and Joan as they looked at Tomsitting naked in the tub.Patty sat with the women at the table and they she couldhear commands from the girls as they bathe Tom. Stand up,bend over, bend further, raise your leg and so on. Itsounded like the girls were having a good time and beingvery thorough. Patty however was not having a good time sheseemed to be steaming.Patty called to the girls telling them to give him a goodcold water rinse when they were finished, and to send himout to be dried. Tom soon appeared in front of his aunt, hewas pale, shivering, his teeth were chattering, his lipswere quivering and turning blue. Everyone also noticed hisdick had shriveled and could hardly be seen.Patty looked at the scared boy and said, "it looks like wewill have to warm you up a little." "Go get the hairbrushfrom my room." Tom returned with the brush and withtrembling hands gave it to his aunt. Jean and Joan wereelated they were going to witness Tom's punishment.Patty selected a large fluffy towel and placed it over herknees. She told the wet boy to lay across her lap. Tom hadtears streaming down his face and Patty hadn't even touchedhim.His aunt started out with a lecture while she rubbed hisbutt. "You know Tom when I agreed to watch you I thoughtyou would behave much better than you are behaving, I'm verydisappointed in you. You embarrassed me when you went tovisit Kathy by misbehaving, to the point where she had topunish you in front of her guests. Even on your way homeyou got into trouble with the girls. I'm beginning to thinkyou only misbehave in front of women and girls. If that isthe case you have an attitude problem that must becorrected. I think I am going to start a correction programright now." With that she slapped Tom's ass with the hairbrush as hard as she could.

Tom had a fitful night with the pain in his ass and the backof his legs from his spanking last night. He was jolted outof bed by his Aunt Patty, who was yelling, "hurry up and getready for school or we'll be late."Tom did his best to get out of bed but his legs were stiff andsore. He looked at the clock and saw he just had time to washup and get dressed. His aunt was continuously telling him tohurry but he could just about move, and dressing was painful.Patty, noticing his discomfort, told him, "I want you to gosee Ms. Drew right after home room. Don't you dare giveanyone in school a hard time today because I am at wit's endwith you. I feel like calling your mother today and tellingher I'm sending you over there. If I get another bad reporton you today, you will think last nights spanking was just asample."

"O.K. Tom," said Ms. Drew. "Just go behind the curtain andremove all of your clothes and lay face down on the table,I'll be right in to take a look." Tom felt very uneasy aboutall of this, but knew better than to ask or say anything. Hesort of nodded to the two girls and walked over to theexamining table and drew the curtain around him.Tom wondered why the two girls were there, they didn't seemsick, he listened to their conversation and it wasn't aboutany type of illness. Tom started to remove his clothes andfolded them neatly and placed them on a nearby chair. When he got down to his panties he thought about leaving themon, after all the girls were just on the other side of thecurtain. He remembered his aunt's warning about his behaviorin school and decided he would do exactly as he was told. He removed his panties and placed them on the top of his pileof clothes. Having a second thought he took the panties andplaced them on the bottom of the pile of clothes. He feltfoolish being completely naked in school but he lay on thetable on his stomach as he was told. He could hear Ms. Drewand the girls talking as he waited for Ms. Drew to enter thecurtained off area. Time went by and he began to nod off.He woke with a start when he heard Ms. Drew say "It looks likeyou did take a good flop on your skates." Tom lifted his headand saw that not only was Ms. Drew there, wearing a white labcoat, but so was Carrie and Maria, wearing similar coats.Ms. Drew said, "your butt's a little pink, but we'll take careof that right away, won't be we girls?" Carrie and Maria justlooked at Tom's butt and smiled. The fact was that Tom's buttand legs were not pink but black and blue with red blotchesall over them. There were also black and blue marks on himwhere he was pinched.Carrie and Maria noticed that Tom had strong looking legs anda very cute but brutalized butt. They also noticed therewasn't a hair to be seen anywhere below his neck. Theyrealized most of the girls in school would die to see Tomnaked like this. They both wished they could have been therewhen Tom got spanked. Tom just buried his head in his armswishing this would all just go away.Ms. Drew went to the cabinet and got a jar of cream. Placingsome on her hand, she began to gently rub some over Tom's ass. The cream felt cool and soothing on his sore butt. Just thensomeone came into the office. Ms. Drew gave the jar to Carrie and told the girls to continuerubbing it on him. Ms. Drew left the curtained area leavingjust a slight opening in the curtain, just enough so the areacould be peeked into. Tom noticed the opening in the curtainand could see Ms. Drew in the office speaking with one of histeachers, Ms. Black. Tom was in a state of panic but said ordid nothing. The girls smiled at each other and each took aglob of the cream and began to rub it on Tom's legs and ass. Tom noticed Ms. Black craning her neck to see what was goingon behind the curtain. Carrie was having a great time rubbing the cream smoothly overTom's ass. She smiled at Maria and winked while she tookbooth hands and spread Tom's globes apart. Maria took her cueand stuck her finger between Tom's cheeks placing it right onhis sphincter. Tom was startled and immediately clenched hischeeks together. Carrie said in a loud voice, "You're notgoing to give us a hard time are you?" Ms. Drew immediately pulled the curtain open and asked,"what's going on in here?" Tom was now on full display andMs. Black could see him lying naked. A chill ran down Tom'sspine, there was no way he could get himself in trouble orhave anyone complaining about him."I was rubbing the cream on his butt and he clenched hischeeks shut," said CarrieMs. Drew seemed furious. "Wait until I tell your aunt," shesaid. Tom begged forgiveness, with a quivering voice, sayinghe was startled and he didn't mean to clench his butt. Tomwas so scared he thought he was going to pee. "You do thatagain and I'll spank you myself," said Ms. Drew. "I'm goingto give you something to remind you not to clench your butt." With that she closed the curtain, again leaving a slightopening.Carrie and Maria started to rub the cream on his butt and legsagain. Once more Carrie smiled at Maria and she held Tom'scheeks apart. Tom knew that both girls were looking right athis ass hole but did nothing to hinder them in any way. Maria put a glob of cream on her finger and began to rub itaround Tom's hole, suddenly she stuck her finger right in. Tom was besides himself, but he lay motionless as Mariawiggled her finger around, inside his butt. Soon he felt twofingers enter him and he soon realized that one fingerbelonged to each girl. Ms. Drew called out to the girls saying she would be rightback and left the office with Ms. Black. Carrie and Mariatook this as a cue to help themselves."Lift your butt up a little," said Carrie. Tom lifted hisbutt by elevating himself slightly on his knees. He felt onefinger leave his butt and the other reach deep inside himfinding his prostate. Suddenly he felt a hand reach betweenhis legs and grab him by the balls. With the pulsatingmassaging of his balls and the finger pressing very hard onhis prostate, Tom began to erect. He wanted to get out ofthere and started to squirm but realized he would be ingreater trouble if he did anything but submit to theministrations of the two girls.Tom was soon fully erect and his dick began to pulse. Hethought he would ejaculate and tried his best to hold it inwithout clinching his butt. Carrie and Maria knew Tom'spredicament and doubled their efforts to bring him to climax. Tom could no longer hold it in, as he reached orgasm be begunto soak the table under him with his ejaculate.Just as his orgasm was at its height, Ms. Drew returnedsaying, "I'm back." Carrie quickly remover her finger fromTom's butt and pushed him down on the table on top of hisejaculate. Tom felt his stomach getting wet but he just liethere saying nothing. When Ms. Drew opened the curtain, both girls were rubbingcream on Tom's legs. "That looks good," said Ms. Drew, as sheentered the cubicle without even trying to close the curtainbehind her. Tom knew he would be on full display to anyoneentering the office, but said nothing.Ms. Drew said, "Tom while you're here I want you to turn overso we could check your penis and see if it has cleared upcompletely." Tom was a nervous wreck. Not only would he beexposing himself to the two girls but to anyone who wanderedin. Also Ms. Drew would see that he had just ejaculated onthe table beneath him.Tom pleaded his case telling Ms. Drew that it was completelyhealed. Ms Drew said, "Tom, do I have to tell you again toturn over?" Tom slowly began to roll over on the table."What the hell," said Ms. Drew when she noticed the ejaculate. "You filthy pig, wait until I tell your aunt." There wasnothing Tom could say but he did notice the girls giggle whenthey noticed his shaved, hairless dick. "Oh my god," saidCarrie. Ms Drew thought she was upset over the ejaculate. Both girls put their hands to their mouths in order to stiflelaughing at the still erect but hairless Tom. Tom wishedthere was a hole he could crawl into somewhere.Ms. Drew told Tom to get off the table and told Maria to geta wet cloth and clean Tom up. While Ms. Drew changed thepaper on the table, Maria washed Tom's stomach and his penis. While Ms. Drew wasn't looking, she pulled Tom's foreskin backand roughly washed his glans making it turn red.Ms. Drew pulled a set of stirrups out from the end of thetable and ordered Tom back up on the table. She positionedTom with his feet in the stirrups clearly exposing his asshole and genitals. Just then Ms. Black came back in theoffice with Tom on full display.Ms. Black let her eyes capture the whole scene before asking,"Should I come back later?""Not at all," said Ms. Drew as she gestured for Ms. Black tocome forward and then she closed the curtain around them,leaving a slight opening of course. Ms. Black at first felt awkward with one of her students naked in front of her, butthat soon passed. Tom felt like he was about to die. With Tom trussed up in the stirrups, the two girls and the twowomen all went to the end of the table so they could seeeverything. Ms. Drew casually reached out and grabbed Tom'ssemi-erect penis and pulled the foreskin all the way back,causing Tom some pain. He jumped slightly and Ms. Drew said,"stay still you." Tom took a deep breath and was afraid toeven exhale, lest he get in more trouble."Look at this," said Ms. Drew, as Tom's red glans came intosight. "You've been playing with yourself again, haven'tyou?" I'm calling your aunt right now." Tom's pleas ofinnocence were completely ignored by Ms. Drew as she walkedout into the hall to talk with Patty on her cell phone. Ofcourse she left the curtain wide open when she left.Ms. Drew returned and handed Tom the cell phone, he listenedas his Aunt Patty went wild. She couldn't believe he clenchedhis butt while the girls were trying to help him. She told himas soon as he healed he was going to get a real spanking. Shewas going to call Dr. Becker and make arraignments to have himcircumcised so he couldn't play with himself for a long time. She also told him that he would be excused from school andwas going to stay with Kathy for a few days. Tom was whitewith fright as he handed the phone back to Ms. Drew.Ms. Drew removed Tom's legs from the stirrups and told him toget dressed. Ms. Black and the girls watched as Tom gotdressed. There were smiles all around when he put his pantieson. Tom was so embarrassed and frightened he was afraid tolook at any of the women. "Sit on that chair and don't move," said Ms. Drew. "Kathywill be here to pick you up shortly." Tom sat on the chairquietly, as he began to feel nauseous. He didn't like theidea of staying with Kathy at all. Ms. Drew's cell phone rang and after a brief conversation shetold Tom to get outside quickly because Kathy was waiting forhim. Tom left as quickly as he could move with his sore legsand butt. After he left, the girls and Ms. Drew all looked ateach other with smiling knowing glances.Once outside Tom spotted Kathy's car and quickly got into thefront seat, sitting on his sore ass. Then Kathy started, shewas non stop with threats of beatings and corrective measuresall the way to her house. Tom was a nervous wreck by the timethey arrived.When they arrived, Kathy led Tom to the pool at the back ofthe house. After they entered the pool area, Tom saw twoyoung women swimming completely naked. He quickly looked downso no one would think he was staring at the naked ladies.Both women exited the pool and put on flimsy robes and walkedover to Tom and Kathy. Kathy told the two women that this wasTom and he was going to be staying with her for a few days. She told Tom, the ladies were Lisa and Page, and they wereboth nurses, who were going to look him over. Kathy told Tom to get undressed and hurry up about it so thewomen could see what his problem was. Tom immediately startedto unbutton his shirt when Page told him to wait a minute. She told Kathy that she would like to look at him inside andalone. Kathy merely said, "be my guest."Lisa and Page led Tom into the house and up to one of thebedrooms. As they went thru the house Tom looked for Stirlingand Ms. Burns but saw neither. Tom was very apprehensiveabout these two women, having seen how he was treated byKathy's other friends.Once in the bedroom Page told Tom to undress and sit on thebed. Tom undressed and both women looked at each other as heremoved his panties. Both could see his black and blue legsand butt and could clearly tell this was the result of asevere beating. Page asked what happened and Tom told her about how he fellwhile skating. Page and Lisa looked at each other and said toTom, "we want the truth." Tom told his story about thespanking, Page persisted on getting the whole story aboutwhy Tom was with Patty and where his parents were.Tom began to cry as he revealed the story about his mom anddad going to England and his being left with his aunt. Hetold all, including his visit to Dr. Becker and his up comingcircumcision and spanking. Lisa and Page could tell Tom wasa nervous wreck. Lisa reached out and hugged Tom and told himit would be all right.Tom was told to lie on the bed on his stomach and the twowomen surveyed his battered butt and legs. He was told toroll over and they examined his uncircumcised penis, whichcaused it to rise. After all he had been through, Tom didn'teven feel embarrassed as the two women held his penis andexamined his scrotum, he was sure to give them complete accessto anything they wanted to see. Page told Tom she didn't see the need for circumcision andthat he was only irritated, which was temporary. Lisa askedTom what happened to all of his body hair, and he continued tocry as he told them. Somehow Tom felt much more comfortablewith these two women than he had with anyone since his mom anddad left.Page told Tom to calm down. She also told him she wanted himto go down to the pool and just soak in the water. The waterwould be good for his bruises. She added she and Lisa weregoing to shower and dress and come back down to the Pool. Having no swim suit she told Tom to put his panties back on sohe would be covered. She gave him a towel and sent him backto the pool. When Page and Lisa came back to the pool, they had a sight tobehold. Tom was floating in the water with a long ribbonattached to his scrotum on one end and attached to the divingboard on the other. One false move by Tom and he would havea serious problem. Tom was glad to get back home and go to sleep.

The next morning Tom woke up and his dick was sore. Aunt Patty came over to look at him and noticed that the tip of his penis was very red. She bent down and peeled back Tom's foreskin with her thumb and forefinger to get a better look. "Oh my," she said "the redness has come back. We're going to have to take you back to Dr. Becker." Tom sat up sleeplily and began to worry a bit.

Aunt Patty called Kathy and told her about Tom's sore dick and to come over because they would be going to see the doctor. When Kathy arrived the three of them got in Patty's car and headed for the doctor's office.

When they got there they talked to the secretary and luckily Dr. Becker was not busy and could see Tom right away. After about 5 minutes Dr. Becker came out to the waiting room and said "come in."

Patty, Kathy, and Tom went in and Dr. Becker told Tom to take a seat on the table. "What seems to be the problem?" she said.
"Well, it's about Tom's penis," Patty said, "the acute redness has come back."
"Let's have a look," Dr. Becker said. "Nurse Kim, get in here! Tom, take your clothes off." Tom gingerly comlied, taking off his shirt, pants, then underpants and putting them aside. Kathy, Patty and Nurse Kim were watching intently as Dr. Becker began to examine Tom's penis. They leaned in for a closer look when she rolled back his foreskin to reveal his crimson pecker head. "It's very sore and red." she said. "He needs to be circumcised."
"Really?" Exclaimed Kathy. Tom's heart sank down as his stomach did a flip.
"His penis is not healing on its own and his foreskin is the problem. It makes his glans stay moist and provides a good environment for infectious bacteria." said Dr. Becker. "If you ask me, in my professional medical opinion, All boys should be circumcised anyway, I'm surprised he made it this long without getting an infection. His glans needs to be permanently exposed so this infection can go away. He'll be so much cleaner as well. Uncircumcised boys always have a problem keeping their genitals clean. Nasty smegma builds up under the foreskin and creates a foul smell. Has he ever had that problem?"
"From time to time," Kathy said, "we usually make sure he takes a bath every day.

"He won't have that problem when we get him circumcised." said Dr. Becker.
"Can you do it right now?" asked Aunt Patty.
"Sure thing, I have the circumstraint to hold his naked body to the table, the gomco clamp to hold his foreskin in place and the sharp scalpel to cut of his foreskin and circumcise him."
"But... But.." stammered Tom.
"No buts! You heard the doctor! You need to be circumcised!" Exclaimed Aunt Patty. "You're going to have that nasty problem-causing foreskin cut off today. And you'll be spanked for putting up a fuss!"

Kim the nurse went and got all the tools. Patty, Kathy, Kim and Dr. Becker held Tom down and strapped his arms and legs to the circumstraint. Kim draped a light blue paper cloth over Tom's front. It covered his upper legs and belly and had a hole for his penis to poke through. Dr. Becker pulled his penis up through the hole. It felt very cold in the room. Tom was shivering and because of the cold, only sporting a partial erection. Dr. Becker washed her hands and put on her surgical gloves. She pinched Tom's penis gently with her right thumb and middle finger and poked at his foreskin with her pointer finger. She decided to start with a dorsal slit. She picked up a pair of surgical scissors and was about to cut.
"Doesn't he get any anaesthetic?" asked a surprised Kathy.
"He doesn't need it." replied Dr. Becker flatly, "Babies don't usually get anaesthetic when they are circumcised. Besides, the pain is good for him. He ought to feel every ounce of pain when the sensitive nerve endings of his foreskin are sliced through. The pain of circumcision is the best thing a boy can ever experience. It puts an indelable imprint on his mind and reminds him that good things only can come with the sacrifice of having his foreskin sliced off."
Dr. Becker picked up the scissors again and began to work on circumcising Tom's penis. She pinced the top of his foreskin with her left hand and pulled it upward away from his glans. Then she made one vertical cut with the scissors in her right hand. Tom yelled out and winced as the scissors began to slice into the tender sensitive flesh of his foreskin. Dr. Becker ignored his yells and cut the foreskin all the way past the base of his glans. Then she had Kim hold the cut flaps of skin while she put the metal gomco bell over his glans. After this was done she put the outer part of the clamp on. Dr. Becker pulled his foreskin all the way up through the clamp, making sure she got all the loose skin. She always did her circumcisions nice and tight. Tom was going to be cut back to the balls. Then she turned the nut of the clamp to pinch off all the blood vessels in Tom's foreskin. Dr. Becker then waited about three minutes for the clamp to stop all blood flow to the condemned foreskin. Kim and Dr. Becker's rubber gloved fingers were already very bloody from handling the foreskin after the initial cut. Tom's foreskin started to turn purple from the leftover blood trapped in the veins of his foreskin, meaning the clamp had done its job. Now it was time for the last part of the circumcision. Dr. Becker picked up the scalpel. As she drew it toward Tom's foreskin, all parties were watching intently. Nurse Kim smiled with pleasure, Kathy leaned in closer and was staring wide-eyed, Aunt Patty held her breath and could feel her heart pounding with excitement.
Dr. Becker cut into the foreskin with her scalpel and unceremoniously sliced all the way around, circumcising the boy. She pulled his severed foreskin off the clamp and laid it aside.
"Can I touch the foreskin?" asked Kathy.
"Sure," said Dr. Becker, and she handed it over to Kathy.
Kathy pinched it and played with it and felt its texture. "It's cool, but it's kind of disgusting." she said "I'm glad it's not on his penis any more. He won't have any more problems with infections or smegma."
Dr. Becker took the clamp off and put in a few stitches where the cut line was. "Better late than never, it's always a pleasure for me to circumcise a boy, and to know that for the rest of his life he'll have a circumcised penis."
That evening Tom called his friend. Tom began to cry as he revealed the story about his parents going to England and his being left with his aunt. He told all, including his visit to Dr. Becker and his circumcision.


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i m moslem boy i was circumcised in ten its hard for me but it really turn me on bc women do it and pain of it

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how the hell would you like it if you got circumcised?
"if god had meant for us to be uncircumcised, we would be born with foreskins"

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