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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tip-Off Day

The teachers of an elementary boarding school were having a discussion one evening. The school is a special charter school featuring extreme discipline. Jack, one of the students was in the room with them.
Corrine sat on the floor next to Jack who was in the lying position watching TV. She began to flip the penis ring up and down as she gently caressed his glans and his testicles with her fingers. "Chris, we need to discuss putting the requirement of the penis leaders in our new discipline policy for the more difficult boys. That seems to be an interesing option."
"It sure has made a difference for Jack. We aren't spanking him as much as we used to. We just tug that leader and he follows."
Joy joined the discussion, "My two have been very compliant since the penis rings were installed. They too respond to well-timed tugs, don't you think, Olivia?"
"Yes, those were the best tool yet for keeping them in line." Olivia concurred.
"Guess there are some good ideas that come from third-world societies," Eva added.
"We'll have to make sure that first week we get a doctor to come in and circumcise all of the boys we enroll, like we did to Jack. Before Jack was circumcised we had a hard time keeping the ring on because his foreskin would make it slip off. Now he's circumcised and the ring stays put right behind his exposed mushroom head. It'll make the ring thing more feasible if all the boys are circumcised." Chris suggested.
Olivia chimed in, "I must admit, I like seeing their little pecker heads stick out. I'm all for circumcision. Besides, they're much easier to keep clean."
"In Sweden we don't have many circumcised boys, but after having to care for the penises of these three, I must admit I kind of like it, too. I like seeing the bare knob. All that silly skin just gets in the way, and I know Ula likes squeezing the little 'mushroom' caps and having ready access to their pee holes."
Ula hearing this nodded her agreement. "Yeah, I really like 'em circumcised. They can't hide their little purple penis heads from me when the're naked!" As if by the power of suggestion, she squeezed Steven's exposed purple glans so hard he yelled out. Everyone except Steven laughed.
"Corrine, if you'd like you can leave Angela and Kenny here for a few days and Ula can begin teaching Angela some ways to keep Kenny under control. We could walk Kenny nude in Central Park, a kind of coming out experience, his first time in public since he's been circumcised." Tony offered.

Minutes of the Second Board Meeting
During physical education girls will wear green shorts and white tee shirts with socks and athletic shoes. Boys will participate nude. Boys may be allowed to wear socks and athletic shoes during physical education, if the teacher feels doing so is necessary for safety. Boys must also shower after physical education before returning to classes.

All boys must be circumcised within two weeks of entering the program. This may be done at no cost by the school's physician or parents may choose to have it done by their own physician at their own expense. An annual "Tip-off Day" will be held during the first week of school for new boy students requiring circumcision.

When at the pool boys must always be nude, so as to show off their circumcised cocks, and girls are to wear the green one piece swimsuits issued to them when they enroll.

"Tip-off Day" Arrives
Eleven boys, 2 five year olds, 5 seven year olds, 3 eleven year olds and a twelve year old were found to still have their foreskins and thus were scheduled for circumcision. It was decided to begin by circumcising the eldest boys first to relieve their tension quickly and reduce the risk of rebellion from the others.
All eleven uncircumcised boys were taken into the boys' locker room and made to strip naked. 3 borrowed examination tables with restraints were placed in the gym close to the bleachers. Each table was equipped with stirrups. This was to be the first public exposure of the boys to the student body. The girls were excited. What had been quick glimpses up the legs of the lederhosen would now be fully exposed and open to their visual inspection. Even more exciting to them was the fact that now that the gym was finished they would begin having physical education and they knew the boys had to be nude for that class. Three of the girls from the sixth and seventh grade group were sent to the locker room to retrieve the boys from their class. Each was told to grab the boy's penis and escort them to the gym. They giggled with excitement as they entered the locker room and told Miss McNabb they were to retrieve the boys. Each grabbing an erect penis, they walked the boys to the gym floor. The girls found out that foreskins can be slippery, as it took many two or three tries to grasp the uncircumcised penised firmly. Their penis heads were slippery with the smegma secreted by the glands of their foreskins. One of the girls was curious and she took a boy's penis and pushed back the foreskin. She grabbed his glans and got her right hand all smeared with smegma when she tried to grab his penis. She looked at her greasy right hand and smelling the foul odor she said "Ew! I need to wash my hands after we're done. His penis had something disgusting on it." The other girls giggled and echoed her exclamations of Eww... Gross. Another girl said, "Let me see if they are all like that." She went to each boy's penis and retracted his foreskin. Invariably, each time she was hit with the foul pungent odor and saw the cheesy white smegma that had been secreted by their uncircumcised foreskins. All this disgustingness was too much for her and she threw up on the floor, hurling the entire contents of her stomach. They left the puddle of the girl's half-digested breakfast awash in warm stomach juice for the janitor to clean up. As they entered the examination room, giggling and moans of awe could be heard.
The doctor in her white coat directed the girls to lead the three older boys to each of three tables. A nurse was busy preparing trays of tools and various clamps. The boys were instructed to get on the tables. Still quite uncertain as to what was about to happen they complied. Ms. Shepard and Ms. Rothberg, the nurses, brutally strapped the boys to the tables with the restraints, adjusted the stirrups to fit the boys' legs and secured them. Each of the three was lying completely naked and exposed to the gawking audience. Their parents were invited to stand at the head of the table and comfort their sons during this excruciating surgical procedure on their penises in which their foreskins would be sliced off with an ultra-sharp scalpel. Some of the girls left their seats to walk to the boys for a closer look at their naked and completely erect soon-to-be-circumcised penises.
Miss Becker, the doctor, then addressed the group. "Today, boys and girls, we are going to do an essential operation on each of these boys. We are going to do what is called a circumcision. You boys in the audience will notice these boys' penises look somewhat different form yours. After the operation they will look the same way yours do. Girls, you see this skin?" She walked over to a very scared eleven year old and pinched his foreskin. "This is called a foreskin. Underneath is a cap that looks like a mushroom head called the glans. This foreskin needs to be severed and removed from his penis." She then pulled and retracted the boy's foreskin. "See? After the operation this skin will be gone and their glans will always be exposed. Are there any questions?"
A six year old girl asked, "Are you going to cut their nut sacks off?"
"No, Honey, only the bit of skin covering the tips of their penises will be removed. Does anyone know what this bag is called?" She walked over and stretched the twelve year old's scrotum to illustrate the question.
Jeff said, "It's a scrotum."
"That's exactly right young man. Someone has been teaching you well. It's called a scrotum. Any more questions?"
"How come our penises didn't come with that extra skin and theirs do?" asked Jimmy.
"Well, Jimmy, all of you boys did have that extra skin when you were born, except that most of you had you were circumcised when you were a baby and you don't remember having your foreskins cut off. All boys need to be circumcised, it's just a fact of life. We as a civilized society must make sure that all boys are circumcised. And the sooner they have a doctor circumcise them, the better. All parents should routinely have their sons circumcised without a second thought. A penis with a foreskin is foul and barbaric. That's why we need to slice the foreskin off of every boy's penis."
"Does anyone have one last question?"
The girl with the dirty hand spoke up, "The boy I brought in had greasy, slippery stuff on the head of his penis. Are all boys gross like that?"
"I'm glad you asked that", said Miss Becker, "it's an excellent question. Most boys aren't like that because they are circumcised. The glands on the inner surface of the foreskin secrete a foul-smelling greasy substance called smegma. Once we cut off their foreskins they won't have those glands. The heads of their penises will stay much cleaner and they won't have that foul odor." she paused. "Okay, let's get started with these three, shall we?" The nurse brought a tray to the table with the twelve year old boy. "First, I'm going to inject an anesthetic. Does anyone know what that does?" She asked as she injected the area around the boy's glans. He jumped at each prick of the needle. No one answered her question, so she instructed. "An anesthetic makes it so nothing I do will hurt him. He won't feel it when I cut that disgusting silly skin off." She then walked to each of the other tables and injected each of the boys' erect penises with anesthetic, giving it a chance to take hold before she did the cutting.
Returning to the first boy she said, "Now I'm going to stretch the foreskin around this clamp. She held it up for the audience to see. This also protects his glans from being accidentally being cut when I cut off the foreskin. Pretty good idea don't you think?" She streched the 12 year old boy's foreskin as far as it would go around the clamp and then squeezed the clamp, pinching his streched foreskin in place. The audience could see the veins in the boy's foreskin bulging in purpulish tint. "And, now, I'm going to take this knife called a scalpel and cut the skin off by going around this clamp." She drew the scalpel toward the twelve year old boy's erect penis. The foreskin was already turning reddish-purple from the clamp constricting the foreskin's bloodflow. The boy was sobbing. The onlookers were wide-eyed and held their breath. This was no joke. She was really going to do it to him. The doctor was really going to circumcise this 12 year old boy. The doctor took the point of her scalpel and pierced the foreskin at the edge of the clamp and began to circumcise the boy. A little blood began to trickle down the side of the boy's penis. Dr. Becker's pussy juices were flowing like a river, soaking her underwear under her white doctor's coat. She sliced the foreskin around in a circle with her sharp scalpel and when she cut all the way around to the starting point, the foreskin was severed. It was still sitting there, a swatch of reddish-purple skin caught in the clamp, but it was no longer connected to the boy's penis. The boy was really circumcised. This wasn't a dream. The doctor had cut off his foreskin with her razor-sharp scalpel. No more would his glans ever be covered with skin. She then removed the clamp which was still holding the boy's foreskin. When she did so and you could sense the kids' intrigue with the procedure by the awe in their vocalization. The veins in the boy's severed foreskin were still bulging and filled with his purple blood. Blood was spurting out all over the boy's penis. The audience gazed at the boy's exposed red pecker head. It was still throbbing and erect. "You're okay, Son, we're all done." The boy nodded with a genuine sense of relief that the operation was complete. The nurse took over to properly dress the incision and blot the blood from the severed veins. The patient looked at his penis and he could see the completely exposed head, now forever exposed after the removal of his foreskin. The doctor squeezed the exposed penis head with two fingers and marveled at the circumcision done by her own hands. Her perky nipples were erect and her crotch was on fire by now. She felt like she would soon explode in orgasm. Then she moved to the next table and repeated her lecture. Next she went to the first eleven-year-old. He was shaking like a little girl with fright and had his erection. Dr. Becker took his penis in her hand and quickly stuck the needle in the base of his penis. He jerked as the needle was forced into his sex organ. She stroked his belly to calm him down and waited for the anesthetic to take hold. Then she rolled back his foreskin, put the clamp on, rolled the foreskin back into the clamp and tightened the clamp. Then she picked up the scalpel and circumcised the boy.
She decided it would be more efficient if the nurses prepared more than one boy at a time with the anesthetic and clamps. There were only three clamps, though, so they could only prepare three at a time. The next boy in line was to get the clamp as soon as the blood was wiped off the first available clamp. One of the 5 year old boys was playing with himself, rolling his foreskin back and forth. He didn't much know what was going on, but he quickly learned the hard way when his foreskin was severed. The others waited patiently, in anxiety, just trying to keep still, knowing that they were on display to the rest of the student body.
Dr. Becker went to the third boy. His penis was throbbing and erect. Dr. Becker put his foreskin in the clamp and rolled it forward, making sure she clamped as much foreskin as possible. Then she severed his foreskin from his body.
The fourth boy was squirming all around. He wouldn't sit still so she grabbed his testicles and gave them a very hard squeeze. The boy yelped out in pain but she didn't let go of his balls. She said to him calmly, "Are you ready to be still now or do I have to crush your testicles with my fist?" He wimpered "I'm ready to sit still."
"Good." she said. "And if you act up again I won't just squeeze your balls, I'll cut your testicles off with my knife and eat them. There's nothing more delicious than the balls of a freshly castrated young boy. You'll be a eunuch for the rest of your life and your delicious testicles will travel through my digestive tract to become shit in my toilet." She pulled his foreskin so tightly that she had to hold it with both hands as a nurse tightened the clamp. She always did tight circumcisions, so there was no movement of shaft skin afterward.
Dr. Becker had carefully cut the foreskins off of each boy. She got a huge amount of joy and pleasure every time she sliced through a foreskin with her knife, severing it from the penis. Invariably, each boy had been sporting an erection when she approached him. After she circumcised each one she put their bloody foreskins in a jar of pickle brine for "future scientific research".
After two hours all eleven boys were now circumcised and comparable to their other male classmates. Teachers and parents were instructed in care of the penises for the week following the operation and told them to come back if any of the severed veins in their circumcised penises started bleeding excessively.
Circumcisions always made Dr. Becker so horny. As soon as she was done she went into the bathroom and masturbated. She took out the pickle jar with the foreskins and began to chow down. She ate each of the foreskins one by one, smacking her lips and moaning with pleasure at how delicious those nasty pieces of severed boy skin were. After all the foreskins went down
her gullet she slowly licked her blood-stained rubber gloves clean. Then she took off her gloves and pulled down her underwear which was sopping wet with pussy juice. Then she went straight for her clit and rubbed it like mad while thinking of the circumcisions she had just perfomed. She thought of severing the foreskin of each boy and how now each boy's precious flap of skin with all it's blood vessels and sensitive nerve endings was now inside her belly. She thought of how those foreskins could never cover the heads of those boy's penises again. She rubbed her belly with one hand as she rubbed her clit with the other. She had one of the most powerful orgasms of all time and squirted her pussy juices all over the bathroom floor. Her body shivered and gush after gush splashed on the floor until she was spent. She sat back on the toilet with her chest still heaving. She repeated her masturbation again and again until she had 11 orgasms, one for each boy she circumcised that day. She washed her hands and left the bathroom with so much pussy juice on the floor that one might have thought the toilet overflowed.
The foreskins traveled through her esophagus then into her stomach, then into her long loops of small intestines and finally through her colon and into her anus. She then felt the need to shit and all the foreskins, which were now turned into brown shit, fell into the toilet with a satisfying "plop". She had another furious masturbation session on the toilet and then flushed the digested remains of the severed foreskins down the toilet.


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Loved the six year old girl who asked "Are you going to cut their nut sacks off?"
What a naughty little bitch!


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