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Monday, November 22, 2010

Even More Youtube Videos

These last two have super hot female doctors talking about all the medical benefits of circumcision.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Youtube Videos about circumcision!

More chicks talking about male circumcision!

A Girl Learns About Circumcision

New Story By Jennifer

Hi, I'm a horny young girl. My pussy gets wet every time I think about circumcision. I first learned about circumcision when I was 11. Before that I didn't know that penises ever had foreskins that were cut off. I had seen my younger brother's circumcised penis, and I had fooled around with a couple of boys at school who were circumcised. I just thought it was natural for the glans to be exposed. Then a family moved next door to mine and they had a boy and a girl who were twin siblings about my age, John and Liz. One day they and my brother and I were playing with the sprinkler and hose in the back yard. After we were done, the boys took their wet shorts off to change. I noticed that John's dick had a bunch of extra skin on it. I asked Liz, "Why does John's dick like that?"
"Like what?" she said.
"It looks like he has a bunch of skin covering it up."
"Oh, that! He's uncircumcised."
"What's uncircumcised?"
"Don't you know about that?" Liz said. "Most boys get circumcised which means they cut that extra skin off their dicks but John didn't."
"How did he get all that extra skin in the first place?" I said.
"ALL boys have that skin, well, when they are first born, anyways. A lot of times the doctors want to cut it off when they are babies. Your brother had his cut off."
"Wow, I didn't even know that." I said.
"Yeah, most boys have it done, I guess it's cleaner that way. They don't really need that extra skin, that's why they usually cut it off. That's what Carrie told me at school." Liz said.
"It looks weird with that skin." I said. "How come John didn't get his done then?"
"I don't know. I'll ask my mom." Liz said. A couple days later Liz said that she asked her mom why John wasn't circumcised and her mom had told her that all boys don't have to get circumcised, just Jewish or Muslim boys. This was confusing to me because I didn't think my family was Jewish or Muslim but my brother had obviously been circumcised, according to what Liz told me before. I asked my mom about it and she said that yes, Jews and Muslims circumcise for religious reasons but most other boys in North America have it done because it is healthier. She asked why I asked about it and I said because the neighbor's boy is uncircumcised. So that is how I first learned about circumcision. A while later, we were outside barbecueing with the neigbors and somehow the topic of circumcision came up and I heard my mom saying to Liz's mom that she thought all boys should be circumcised. Liz's mom disagreed, though. Then two months later, Liz came over to my room and she excitedly mentioned:
"Remember when we were talking about John's dick skin, well John's going to get circumcised, Mom just said."
"Really? How come?"
"He went to the doctor and the doctor said he had a urine infection and to stop the infection and prevent more he's going to have to get his foreskin cut off. Mom didn't really want to at first but she talked to your mom and the doctor again and they both said he needs to get it done."
"Wow." I said. "Then he'll look like my brother."
I was so curious about it that I asked Liz to ask her mom if we could watch John get circumcised. After a lot of begging Liz's mom agreed. On the day of the circumcision I rode to the hospital with Liz in the back seat. John was in the front seat and he looked really nervous. Liz had told me that John didn't want to go and have his dick skin cut off and that her mom had to spank his bare bottom the night before. He looked like he was in a really bad mood, so I didn't say anything to him in the car. We went in the doctor's waiting room and waited for it seemed like hours, but it probably wasn't that long. They led John back to the examination room and let us follow. The doctor was a nice woman with dark hair. There was also a woman with yellow hair who was a nurse helping. They made John sit up on the padded table and they took all his clothes off. They didn't need to shave him or anything because he didn't have pubic hair yet. John looked like he was about to bolt and run away, but a stern look from his mom seemed to stop him. The nurse and doctor were getting everything ready for the circumcision. It seemed like they both were in a good mood. The nurse took his blood pressure and said it was high. The doctor listened to his heart beat and said it was pounding. She tried to calm him down with a friendly smile. The doctor then got some reddish iodine and rubbed it on his penis. She swabbed the foreskin, then pulled the foreskin back and wiped his penis head. "This is to sterilize it so he won't get infected after we cut." she said.
As the doctor was touching his penis I saw him get a boner. His mom noticed too. "Does it matter if he's.. umm... erect?" She asked. "No, we can do it just fine." the doctor said. "We have to use an adult size clamp anyway, but his penis is still fairly small so being erect is no problem." I could see John fidget as they were talking about him as his dick was just out in the breeze for all to see. They had a funny looking metal clamp that had two parts that pinched together. I found out later that it had been a mogen clamp.
"Are you going to give him a painkiller shot?" His mom said.
"No." said the doctor. "He doesn't need it. We do babies all the time without anything. He will just feel a quick pinch and then we'll snip it off so fast he won't even know it until it's over." The nurse held his erect penis in place as the doctor pulled up his skin and pinched it in the clamp. John grimaced and looked up at the ceiling. True to her word, the doctor took the scalpel to the extra unneeded skin and sliced it off in a blink of an eye. John looked relieved and he even smiled, I guess it hurt less than he thought it would. The nurse slowly removed the clamp and the remaining shaft skin popped back and his glans was now fully exposed. The doctor dropped the foreskin in the waste bin and dressed the cut line. She dabbed the blood of his still-stiff cock and wrapped a bandage around it. I don't remember if he got stitches or not. Out of girlish curiosity, when nobody was looking I reached my little hand in the waste bin and grabbed the foreskin. I slipped it in the pocket of my shorts and wiped the blood off my hand so no one noticed. When I got home I put it in a jar of pickle brine to keep it as a trophy and hid it under my bed. I would get so horny thinking about his circumcision. When I learned to masturbate, I would take out his severed foreskin and just finger myself silly. When John healed he had a nice dark ring where the cut was with pinkish skin above the line, darker skin below, and of course a lovely plump exposed penis head. I actually dated John when I was in high school so I got to enjoy his circumcised penis, but I never even told John that I had his foreskin. It was like my power over him. So ever since that time I have been into circumcision and circumcised penises. Since I've been on the internet, I've learned that a lot of other women like circumcised penises too :-).

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Email Fun #1 Circumcision Prevents HPV

Hi, everyone.
I saw this article about how male circumcision can prevent the spread of human papilloma virus and cervical cancer. Then for fun I found Carla Nystrom's email and pretended to be an uncircumcised man asking for advice. The article excerpt and then the email exchange are presented here:

:-) Jennifer

A second study by Carla Nystrom PhD, at the Oregon State University and colleagues at the University of New Mexico, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested more than four hundred men aged 18-40 years in two U.S. cities during 2002-2005. Sixteen percent of participants were uncircumcised. Researchers tested for HPV in skin swabs of the genital area and semen samples in participants with no HPV symptoms (such as warts or lesions).
Investigators found that circumcised men were about half as likely to have HPV as uncircumcised men, after adjustment for other differences in the two groups. These results demonstrated that lack of circumcision is associated with cervical cancer because of the increased risk of HPV infection. Nystrom suggested that it may be useful to consider circumcising newborn boys in order to decrease the risk of HPV infection for them and their future partners. “Parents are not currently advised of this risk,” she said. “These studies contribute to the evidence that might help to inform that decision.” According to Dr. Nystrom, the findings they reported present compelling arguments to promote male circumcision, especially in developing countries where circumcision is not widely used and the STD epidemic is severe. Additionally, she said, it is “a clear demonstration of the indirect but substantial beneficial effect of male circumcision for women.”

To: Dr. Carla Nystrom
Subject: Your interesting HPV study

Hello Dr. Nystrom,

I read your study indicating that circumcised penises have a reduced chance of transmitting HPV. I am uncircumcised, but I want to have the best chance at good health for myself and potential girlfriends. Do you favor having all men circumcised and do you think I should get circumcised?


To: (X)
Subject: Re: Your Interesting HPV study

Hello Mr. (X)
Thank you for your interest in our HPV study. We did find that circumcision was associated with lower odds of HPV in men. In our study the most likely place that we found the HPV virus was on the foreskins of uncircumcised men. Complete removal of the foreskin was associated with reduced HPV infection by over 50%.

Currently, the CDC does not have any official recommendation regarding adult circumcision. However, since you ask me I would personally recommend it. Our study shows conclusively that there are health benefits that would encourage circumcision for all boys and men. I am in favor of routine neonatal circumcision. But even an adult such as yourself could still benefit from having a circumcision. If you are concerned about it, for the best penile health I would encourage you to speak to your local doctor about getting a circumcision done for yourself. Good luck and you can email me if you have any more questions.

Best wishes,
Carla Nystrom

To: Carla Nystrom
Subject: Another Circumcision Question

Hello Dr. Nystrom,

Thanks for your previous advice. I went to a doctor to see about getting circumcised, but now I am a bit confused about the issue. She said that there was no significant medical reason to get circumcised unless I had a tight foreskin (which I don't). Also, she said that the foreskin contains many sensitive nerve endings and that I will lose some sexual sensitivity and pleasure if I get circumcised. She said she would still do it for me, but only if I was sure that I really wanted it. I'm not so sure now. Do you think that if a man washes his foreskin every day that it will reduce the chance of disease enough? If not, are the benefits of circumcision worth the possible loss of sensitivity?


To: (X)
Subject: Re: Another Circumcision Question

Hello (X)

I appreciate your thoughts and concerns about this matter. Whereas a baby who is neonatally circumcised will certainly never miss his foreskin, I can understand how an adult man might feel he is losing something by getting circumcised. First of all, I do believe that the medical benefits of circumcision are real and significant. Some of the doctors dismiss or have not read some of the new studies on circumcision that have come out, such as mine. I do not think that washing the penis is enough to prevent infection in uncircumcised men. In our study none of the penises that we examined were noticibly dirty, yet the men with foreskins still had higher rates of HPV. This indicates that the presence of the foreskin can contribute to certain infections even with good hygeine.
Regarding the issue of sensitivity, all the men in our study were able to give a semen sample, which indicates that circumcision status does not affect the ability to orgasm. So I would doubt that the circumcised men feel any less sexual pleasure. The foreskin does contain nerve endings, but they are non-essential to sexual pleasure. Our study did not test for penile sensitivity, but when we were swabbing the men's penises I noticed no difference in how the circumcised and uncircumcised men reacted when we swabbed the head of their penis. There is no scientific evidence that circumcision reduces the sensitivity of the glans. After we collected our data, we encouraged all of the 64 uncircumcised men to get circumcised. 18 of them did get circumcised and none of them reported any complications.
It is still your choice, of course, if you don't think it is worth it. Personally, I think that the medical benifits of circumcision indicate that it should be done.

Carla Nystrom

To: Carla Nystrom
Subject: My circumcision

Hello Dr. Nystrom,

I have decided to get it done! I have an appointment to get circumcised next week and I am really going to go through with it for my better health. Thanks again for all your advice!

Mr. (X)

To: (X)
Subject: Re: My circumcision

Mr. (X)
I am glad that I could be of service. I think you will be glad when your penis is circumcised knowing that you are less likely to get diseases. We should continue to get the word out so that we can increase the circumcision rate worldwide. I'm glad you are having it done.

Good Luck!
Carla Nystrom

Monday, June 07, 2010

YouTube videos

Here are some good videos of women talking about circumcision and why it is important to get circumcised if you are still uncut.

Check them out and watch them and tell me what you think.


Monday, March 08, 2010

Travels With Aunt Paula Part 2

"It is a prick, it is a sting,It is a pretty, pretty thing...."

As Aunt Paula had expected, his belated circumcision had a deep effect on Cal. Of course it did. But not for the pain alone, though this lasted many days. Yet its reverberation went deeper and would indeed last a lifetime. On that day Cal truly became a man, at least in Aunt Paula's unorthodox sense of the phrase. That trace of girlishness a young boy is still permitted, that purity he may pretend to while the tip of his male organ is covered with skin, in a single hour deserted him. The humiliation Cal experienced was irreparable, and even as small a boy as he, too young to have developed masculine ways, had to reel beneath its shock. This wasn't the humiliation of unmasked pretense, nor even of exploded pride. This was something closer to the bone, a physical truth, a wound still awaiting the birth of the ego it would lodge in. Yes, Paula had foreseen it all. There had been ladies present. Even the doctor was a woman, named Barbara. No men, no boys, only ladies. And girls. Adolescent girls and young girls too. A few his very classmates. Children like himself - but also not at all like himself, not women, not breasted yet, still narrow-hipped, but more like women than like Cal, penis-less beings, smooth and silent and concealed where he was all stick-out and dangle. Paula had invited them right along with their mothers. And their mothers had thought it a splendid idea, a lesson their daughters would thank them for. Cal's circumcision was set for an afternoon in early summer. Cal spent the morning fretting in his room, filled with vivid fears of the operation to come. When Aunt Paula at last called him to the living-room, the sight of so many women and girls stopped him in his tracks. For a while his fear gave way to despair. But Paula led him around the room, insisting that he greet every guest formally, even the familiar little girls, his schoolmates, and shake their hands, thanking each one for coming. Cal did so with averted eyes and frail voice. Then Paula gently told him he would have to undress now. And there in the center of Aunt Paula's living-room, while the women and older girls smiled benignly and the younger girls giggled and kicked their feet, Cal shed each element of his boyish uniform. His sneakers and socks, his jersey and blue-jeans, and finally, hesitantly, his briefs. The younger girls looked on his trembling nakedness with brazen delight, the older girls looked upon his genitals with raw horny lust. Cal knew that he must stand before them this way, defenseless and apprehensive, until an older member of their sex told him she was ready to do the dreadful thing to his penis. Every pussy in the room was dripping wet. The girls nervously looked at one another, each wondering if the others were getting as horny as they were. They could tell the answer was yes, but no one said anything. From the pan into the flames. From behind him, Cal heard Doctor Barbara's voice. She was asking him to climb onto a chair and mount Aunt Paula's dining-table, over which a crisp white sheet had been spread. Shaking, Cal obeyed. He was on all fours, disoriented on the table-top and just turning to face the doctor, when she asked him to stand up, quickly thought better of it when he'd half achieved it and told him he'd be fine as he was, on his knees. "Only don't lean back, sweetheart," she said. "Lift yourself big and tall, with your belly forward. Yes, there you go. Good boy. I'd like to explain to the girls, you see, what a circumcision is all about." Barbara casually reached for Cal's penis, raising it with thumb and forefinger away from his body. She went on speaking in a way that made it clear to Cal that she was determined to help the younger girls understand, no matter how much embarassment this caused the patient. But this feminine pressure on his penis was not unwelcome, having as it did the effect of dispelling a little of Cal's anxiety."Boys are born, you see," Doctor Barbara said, "with a little more skin down here than they'll ever need." She pulled Cal's prepuce back to reveal his glans. The sensation tickled pleasantly, but he tried to keep still as the doctor lightly tapped her finger on his exposed part. Several times she stretched and released his foreskin. Girls leaned in to see. They tugged at their mothers' sleeves. They had urgent questions but seemed to think they'd better whisper. Some mothers leaned over Cal too. One of them said, "You know, I've never actually seen a circumcision."

"I've seen a few, since my family is Jewish" another offered, "but, you know, they're only eight days old. There's not a lot of boy there to see." Cal closed his eyes, ashamed. The doctor went on, still mindful of the puzzled girls. This day was more about the girls than boys. That much was clear to Cal. "Now I want you all to watch something," the doctor said."Does he have erections easily, Paula?" "Pint-sized ones, yes," Paula said."Good," the doctor said, as she rolled back Cal's foreskin with one hand and lightly stroked the underside of his bare glans for a moment. This was a bit different sensation from that doctor tapping a few moments ago. Cal made a small gasping sound and his penis swelled and hardened. Doctor Barbara released it to quiver in freedom. "With that skin out of the way, it's so easy, you see," the doctor said. She flexed Cal's penis a few times with her finger-tips. Even the older girls came forward for the experiment, gleeful at the springing hardness of the little organ and at the breathless outcries. The doctor stroked his bare glans a few times which elicited a groan from the boy. "Okay, then," Doctor Barbara said. "Everyone has the idea. So we'd rather not have that special place hidden from us by that skinny skin skin, would we, girls?" A chorus of high-pitched voices offered a sing-song "No." "In that case I'm simply going to take a scalpel - that's a special sharp knife we doctors use - and cut this silly skin right off of Cal's penis."

"That can't be fun for Cal," one of the girls said."Not right now, maybe, but it certainly will be fun for me." the doctor said. "It will hurt a little for awhile, but Cal will be brave." She smiled down at the patient and pressed his arm reassuringly. "But almost all boys are circumcised nowadays, you know. It's better for them, better for their health, and better for their attitude as well." Nobody appeared to have any trouble understanding this last, obscure remark. Even Cal, lying nervous and exposed as women and girls stood all around him, awaiting an event which Paula had said it was normal to celebrate, though one which the doctor herself admitted was going to be painful for the boy - even Cal vaguely intuited why Doctor Barbara had mentioned "attitude." When the doctor exposed Cal's glans to all those female eyes, Cal truly understood what Aunt Paula had meant by her funny words, "extra naked." That skin the doctor said Cal didn't need: it was a little covering on a boy even when he was out of his clothes. Paula was always explaining that boys and men should always be naked when a woman commands them to be. So how could a boy be allowed to keep the skin whose only purpose was to hide his naked organ from women's eyes? Of course it had to go. But that's what made circumcision so humiliating too. It was as though ladies were taking away your clothes and then saying, That's not enough, little fellow, we need to tug a little more of you out into the open. We've got to rip away that nasty foreskin and lay your glans bare. Make you, yes, "extra naked." Cal felt the utter femininity of the room. Women and girls and, on the other hand, his solitary self, naked, on display, a single specimen of boyhood spread out on a sheet, his penis helplessly awaiting the doctor's sharp steel knife. The rest was women and girls: long hair, smooth cheeks, reddened lips, jewelry, and dresses. Absolutely everyone skirted. His baby-sitter, a young teenager whom he'd only seen before now in well-worn jeans: in a kilt today, and under it white tights. She teased him by turning around and flipping up her kilt. Cal saw her tight butt hugged by the white cotton panties and his dick got harder than ever. It stuck out in the air and his engorged member throbbed. Several of the girls laughed and giggled. These girls who were his friends, his schoolmates -everyone in party clothes. Their beautiful dresses would always be a central part of Cal's memory of this day. Even much later, as an adolescent, Cal would regard their clothes as true a revelation of women's essence as anything concealed beneath. Cal knew that women had their own kind of organs, tucked inside them. Doctor Barbara told Cal he could have a little rest now. She told him to stretch out on the table and relax. The shift from his knees to his back took some doing, but Doctor Barbara helped by planting her hands on Cal's abdomen and buttocks and guiding him into place. There were girls all around him, hovering above. Cal stared up at them with wide, watering eyes. In his hopelessness Cal saw no reason to cling to his pride. The girls were intently watching Cal spread his legs as the doctor instructed, watching her swab his penis and foreskin with cotton soaked in chilly antiseptics which made him flinch. Two older girls were invited to come up to the table and hold Cal's legs apart. It pleased them to wear the sterile masks and gloves the doctor handed them. Cal felt a particular humiliation in their rubberized touch as they seized hold of his legs and stretched them wider. Fear and shame were heavy in the pit of Cal's stomach. "I'm going to spray you now with some stuff, Cal," Doctor Barbara said. "It'll feel cool and make your dicky get numb." Despite the warning, the icy liquid startled the boy and made him shake. The anesthetic was watery and Doctor Barbara had used lots of it. It soaked Cal's scrotum and dripped plentifully onto his belly and thighs. Wherever it fell, a frigid cold set in. Cal's penis frosted over. The numbness constricted and stiffened his innocent organ.

This thing, his circumcision, was truly about to happen. Cal's heart pounded and his eyes filled with tears. "Can I have someone to hold his shoulders down, please," the doctor said. "Cal, sweetie, let your head lie back now." He had trouble giving in, but even when he did, his shaking continued. A woman appeared above him, gloved and masked, and leaned on his shoulders. He smelled her perfume and noticed through his clouded gaze her long earrings and shadowed eyes. She pressed him gently at first but bore down more firmly when he failed to stop shaking. Paula was somewhere in the background. Aunt Paula sounded agitated, choked up. This was about to get real in a hurry. Of course there was no doubt she wanted him circumcised, but this was a medical surgery after all. Cal thought he heard her say, "My baby...," in mournful syllables. Another woman seemed to be comforting her. "For the best," Cal heard her murmur, and "Really, Paula, he'll be okay. Dr. Barbara has done thousands of circumcisions. Her hands are very skilled and practiced."

Doctor Barbara was gripping Cal's penis between her fingers again. Her touch was far away, just on the edge of sensation, but it mingled strangely with the cold. "It's time now, Cal." the doctor said. "Be as still as you can. Everybody, assistants, it's time." All the guests moved even closer to the table to peer at Cal's soon to be cut penis. Cal shook and sobbed and began to heave. "I'll need another for his middle," the doctor called. "Someone?" A teenage girl came forward and quickly donned the sterile gloves and mask. The doctor planted the girl's two hands squarely on Cal's stomach. He heaved against the pressure of her hands but the motion was no longer communicated to his pelvis.

"Excellent," Doctor Barbara said. She held up a thin metal device. "This is a clamp, called a Mogen clamp." she said. "I'm going to stretch Cal's foreskin over the tip of his penis now and clamp it." She pulled Cal's foreskin all the way up past the tip of his penis, making sure that she got all the loose foreskin. She put the clamp in place, pinching Cal's foreskin in the jaws of the clamp. This done, she held her scalpel high for a moment. Cal saw his foreskin caught in the clamp and Doctor Barbara's razor-sharp scalpel ready to cut it off. Doctor Barbara brought the scalpel down to the plate of the Mogen clamp, then, with a quick turn of her wrist, circumcised the boy."It's nothing," she said, but she was about to cum in her panties. She set the severed foreskin aside and carefully undid the clamp. Cal's stretched shaft skin popped back revealing his bright pinkish-purlpish glans. His glans was now permanently exposed. She was already dressing the wound. Doctor Barbara carefully dabbed the excess blood from his circumcision line with cotton balls. She smiled and admired her handiwork. She always did nice circumcisions, that's why her skills were so in demand. There was yet one final humiliation for Cal. The doctor took off her dress and her bra and her soaked cotton panties and got up on the table. The girls got even more horny at the sight of Doctor Barbara's naked body. She had large natural breasts with large nipples, silky legs and a full sexy buttocks. Many of the girls came forward to squeeze Doctor Barbara's ass and rub her sexy tits. Doctor Barbara picked up Cal's bloody severed foreskin and ate it. Cal saw her drop it in her mouth, chew and swallow and he knew it was gone forever. It was now nothing but meat to be digested in Doctor Barbara's sexy belly. She was kneeling now and straddling Cal. She peeled back her labia, showing her pink clit to Cal and all the guests and she rubbed it until she came. She had a huge orgasm and squirted her pussy juices right in Cal's face. Aunt Paula beamed with approval at the boy's total humiliation. First, Doctor Barbara had taken his foreskin, then she made him her bitch. Then each of the girls masturbated until orgasm. Each one pulled her panties down, mounted the table and squirted in Cal's face, one by one. After each orgasm, the other girls would cheer their approval. "Way to go, Carly!" one of them said when Carly splashed a wet squirt of pussy juice right in Cal's eye. Cal was getting dizzy. His newly circumcised penis was rock hard and even though he was in pain, he couldn't help but enjoy the sight of all these pussies. When they were all done, the guests let out a communal sigh of relief and turned to the refreshments. Aunt Paula rushed to the table and lifted Cal into her arms."Oh, my darling, my good, brave darling, you have been so strong today." Aunt Paula's eyes were glistening. "I love you so, my wonderful boy. Oh, look at your poor, sweet penis. How I wish that boys weren't born with that silly foreskin. Then we wouldn't have to cut it off of them. But we have to, Cal. We have to. Don't we?"Cal nodded weakly. "Do you see, everybody? Do you see, ladies? Girls, do you see? Cal knows that we had to do this thing to him. My sweet baby understands." But Cal was crying now. The cold was leaving his penis and the pain that replaced it was beginning to radiate. He begged to go to his bed, but Aunt Paula explained that he had to stay near her and the doctor for an hour at least. Besides, he was the guest of honor. A cot had been prepared for him in a corner of the room and Paula carried him to it. He lay propped up, softly sobbing. Pain was in flower all through his groin. All about him women and girls were laughing and munching on snacks. Sometimes, he thought, he himself must have been the object of their mirth, he and his ordeal and the manifest horrors of being a boy, because girls would look his way and whisper into one another's ear and laugh. For very much longer, Cal watched this female gala. Just as the party was ending, he had to thank again each guest for coming and each girl got to pinch his newly circumcised penis. They all giggled and laughed on their way out and soon Cal got dizzy again and passed out.

Monday, January 18, 2010

All About Circumcision

Hi guys, I found this info in a pamphlet. It was for young boys who are about to be circumcised and it it pretty entertaining.

Be Wise, Circumcise.

All About Being Circumcised

You may call your special 'boy' part a 'willy' or a 'dick' but the medical name for it is penis. Penises come in various shapes and sizes but all boys are born with a sleeve of excess skin called foreskin covering the head of their penis. The head is named the glans. The foreskin hides the glans for most of the time so it can't be seen. Most doctors in the U.S.A. will recommend that all boys should be circumcised shortly after birth. When a penis is circumcised, the foreskin is cut off, so the glans is always seen. There are many reasons to promote circumcision.

Worldwide, people circumcise their boys to show they belong to a particular religion, race or tribe. Modern countries like the United States, circumcise most boys because it's cleaner and prevents or cures health problems. Many people think it looks better too. Like the appendix and the tonsils, the foreskin is a part of the body we don't really need and it can cause problems. So, no foreskin, no problem. It is easy to cut off, and usually done when boys are babies, so they don't remember it. What you never had you never miss.
If you weren't circumcised as a baby you may now want to have it done, or your parents have told you that you need to have it done. This may be because you had or have a problem which the doctor said it will put right.
There are other reasons to circumcise boys as well. It's neat and tidy without loose skin over the end and it looks much better. If you can't, or don't pull it back, your foreskin gets in the way and causes spray and you may miss the toilet. Mums often ask for their baby boys to be circumcised to prevent this.
You need to pull back your foreskin to wash under it. Lots of boys can't do this because it is too tight, or they are lazy and forget to do it. Then it can cause painful problems like infections. Parents get fed up with checking and asking if you've done this. Sometimes boys can be a bit sneaky and say they have when they haven't, especially if it hurts them. If you are circumcised you don't need to think about it because your penis get washed every time you shower or have a bath, and it doesn't get dirty from all that nasty smegma that the foreskin produces.
Another reason you might be circumcised is because your dad had it done. Usually parents like all men and boys in their family to have penises which look the same. Often, when one boy needs circumcising, his brothers are circumcised as well.
Why foreskins can be a problem
The space under the foreskin around the glans is naturally a bit wet. This is because it sweats and also because every time you pee with the foreskin forward, some pee creeps back there. Often, tiny bits of fluff and dirt from your clothes, get in at the opening and become trapped under the foreskin. All this soon makes it smell. Worse, if it is left unwashed, it can start an infection which will make it all very red and sore. When you are young it is not always easy to pull back your foreskin. For most boys, early on, it is sealed to the glans and tight but sooner or later this seal breaks apart and you have to start to take care of it. The best way is to just get circumcised so you don't have to worry about the foreskin anymore.
1. You need to pull back the foreskin every time you pee and make sure you shake or dab the pee drops off before pulling your skin forward again. 2. At least once, every day, you need to pull the foreskin right back as far as it will go and gently wash around the glans. Take care, this part and the inside of the foreskin is very sensitive. Soaps and gels and shampoos can make it sore. If it gets infected you need to see the doctor about it. Don't be worried or shy, doctors see this sort of thing all the time. He or she may give you some creams or tablets which might clear it up. Often, when it happens again, the doctor may say it will be better for you to be circumcised.
The opening in the end of your foreskin has to stretch a lot before it is big enough to pass over your glans. You may find it is too tight and painful to pull back. When you are trying to do this it can split and bleed. The medical name for a foreskin that is too tight is phimosis. Sometimes the foreskin may just pull back over the glans and then become trapped in the groove behind the rim. If this happens and you find it won't go forward again, your penis will swell up and really hurt. You need to go quickly to the hospital emergency department. Doctors call this para-phimosis. Usually the doctor there will circumcise you to stop this painful problem ever happening to you again.
If you are about to be circumcised...
Try not to worry. It only takes a short while to circumcise your penis and it can be done at the doctor's office/surgery or as an outpatient at a hospital. You will be given an injection around your penis so it will go numb. Or, you can be given something which makes you fall asleep for the short time while the doctor cuts you.
When you come round, your penis will start to feel sore and burn a bit. It will usually have a small bandage wrapped around the wound. The nurse will check to make sure you can pee OK and there may be a bit of blood when you do. You need to stay just long enough to be sure all bleeding has stopped and the doctor will deal with it if it hasn't. This is very rare and nothing to worry about. It's important to take care of your circumcision for the first few days. Just rest up, so your penis doesn't get knocked. Mum can pack your underpants to keep it comfortable. It's best to just read or watch tv or do jigsaws.
At first your penis will swell up and look bruised. This soon goes away and it will heal up very quickly. Probably you will see the small stitches that are used to hold the cut together. Sometimes these melt away on their own, but you may have to go back a couple weeks later and the nurse will take them out. This only takes a few minutes and doesn't really hurt.
Some doctors use a 'thingy' called a Plastibell to circumcise young boys. This fits over the glans whilst the foreskin is pulled up on the outside. A piece of thread is tied around the foreskin, drawing it tightly into a groove and cutting off the blood supply to it. Most of this is trimmed off and the rest just dies and comes away with the ring in a few days. The bell has a handle for fitting which is snapped off to leave the end open so you can pee.

Now come the changes. Your penis will feel very strange at first. Circumcision turns what was an inside part into an outside part of your body. What was moist is now dry. Your glans is quite 'touchy' and different because it was covered by the foreskin which shielded it. The foreskin caused the glans to be overly sensitive to touching because your glans is not used to direct stimulation. Now your glans rubs against your underwear all the time as you walk or run. It doesn't hurt, it just sort of tickles. Also, it may feel like something is missing beIt takes quite a while to get used to this, but in the end you will forget about it. You may also notice your glans feels the heat and cold more when you take a hot bath or go out in a cold wind. The bright colour of your glans when first exposed will also fade. It will all go pale, and so will the cut line. You may have seen there is a small band of skin in the groove under your glans, This is called the frenulum. It joins your foreskin to the tip of the glans. In an uncircumcised penis it is like a little strip of elastic which helps keep the foreskin forward and also stops it being pulled back too far. Often this frenulum is tight and causes pain when boys pull back their foreskin. If this is so, the doctor will probably cut it away when he/she circumcises you, Some doctors do leave it in place if it has stretched. Cutting the frenulum is another good way of making sure any left over circumcised foreskin stays behind the rim of your glans.
It's important to understand that once you've been circumcised, your foreskin cannot grow back again. You will soon get used to the difference and be happy without it. You will understand why all the doctors want to circumcise boys in the first place and you will be glad that you have a normal circumcised penis. It is more comfortable in hot weather when you sweat, which is why desert peoples do it. Do expect a bit of teasing when your friends first see your 'new' penis. They might be surprised that you had to get it done so late in life, as most likely all of your friends were circumcised as babies. But soon they will welcome you to their "club" for having a circumcised penis.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Travels With Aunt Paula Part I

"The captive bands may chain the hands, But Love enslaves the man...."

Cal was late and it wasn't like him and he didn't want Aunt Paula to be mad. It was Tuesday too, his lesson-day, and Paula had promised that today's would be important. He was already apologizing to her as he came through the door."It's okay, honey," his aunt said. "No harm done. Today's a biggie, though. Lots of new stuff. Hard stuff, some of it, Cal. So, whenever you're ready...." As he unbuttoned his shirt, still catching his breath, Cal realized that Paula was dressed up in what she liked to call her feminine best. Short black dress, nylons and heels, make-up, ear-rings. Her long dark hair was radiant and she smelled citrus-like and sweet. Cal knew that she was staying home with him, but this was certainly the costume for an evening out. He laid his shirt over a chair and quickly undid his belt. In his haste he was fumbling a bit. But Aunt Paula didn't seem impatient at all. She nestled in her chair, relaxed and beautiful. She pronounced his name gaily several times as she watched him struggle to pull his jeans off over his shoes. He was still used to the baggier clothes of a younger boy. But Cal had recently turned ten. His jeans lay at his ankles as he bent to unlace his shoes. Aunt Paula was enjoying his balancing act, which was taking many minutes. He looked boyishly clumsy and adorable, she thought, with buttocks high in the air, stretching his white briefs, as he stumbled about. When the job was done, Cal stood up proudly and faced his aunt with exaggerated triumph and the burlesque suavity of a magician. She laughed at the stiff little bow he gave her, and at the theatrical way he rose up on his toes and flung out his arms. Then, in one curt movement, before Paula was quite done laughing, Cal snapped his briefs almost to his knees, wiggled a bit until they fell to his ankles, and stepped free. Naked as a nail and ready for business now. "What's up, auntie?" he said. Paula tried to sound serious, but couldn't help her laughter. "Cal,"she said, "you are going to have to be less charming or Aunt Paula will never get to the lesson." Cal beamed. He had loved Aunt Paula all his life. Even before he lost his mom (Paula's elder sister) and dad, nephew and aunt had shared a tender delight in one another that was not unlike the love of parent and child. Paula was very young, a few years out of college, when her sister died; but neither she nor anyone concerned for the boy had ever doubted that she must be his guardian. She invited Cal to sit beside her on the couch. She put her arm around his shoulder and drew him against her. Cal loved the feel of Paula's dress against his skin. The crepe was slightly raspy and he was still boyishly smooth. Cal appreciated the contrast: a woman's dress, a boy's exposure. He squirmed against his aunt in the hope of being chafed. Aunt Paula allowed it, encouraged it even. Free though she was in showing Cal her solicitude toward him, she normally limited his modes of reciprocation. For Paula, it would be inexcusable to blur the line between her nephew's acts of deference toward all women, including herself, and mere greedy lust. The woman controls these things, she alone has the power to strip away ambiguity, decide the significance of every intimacy, ordain what emotions she must never show and what her boy must never think. Paula's every desire toward Cal was indeed maternal, even this long-established insistence on his naked humility. It was for his own good. But she was being strangely lenient today. So Cal thought, until she asked him to stand facing her once more.

"Cal," she said, "I want to ask you some questions I know you know the answers to."

"I hope I do, Aunt Paula."

"They're questions about boys, Cal. About ladies too. I'm sure you'll know how to answer. For instance: why are you standing naked in front of me like this?" Cal was relieved. "Oh, I can answer, Aunt Paula. If that's the kind of question you mean. Yes, I'm standing naked in front of you because that's how a boy shows ladies his respect." There was no guess-work here: Cal had often repeated, for Aunt Paula and many of her friends,the tenets of her feminist catechism. "Because a boy mustn't keep secrets from ladies...," he continued.

"Secrets, Cal?"

"Things happen to a boy sometimes, auntie, when he sees or thinks of ladies or girls. I mean...."

"Things, Cal?"

"Like to his penis, auntie. It stands up...."

"IT stands up, Cal?"

"I mean, the girls, the ladies, they MAKE it stand up." Paula nodded her understanding, as though she had never considered these matters before. It was a game she liked to play with her nephew. She had taught him everything, but it was lovely to ruffle him.

"Why would the girls want to do a silly thing like that, Cal?"

"So the boy will know they have power over him. So he'll be respectful and obedient, auntie."

"And can the girls and ladies observe what happens to the boy?"

"Oh, yes, auntie. Very often they can. But...."

"You mean right through the boy's clothes?" Aunt Paula sounded incredulous.

"Oh, yes. That is...."

"Then why does the boy have to be naked, Cal?"

"That's what I was going to say, auntie. Many boys, when they realize what power girls and ladies have, well, they get frightened of it and they try to hide. And if they can't actually hide, they can still pretend that their penis isn't hard because of the girls at all. But when a boy is naked, he can't hide and...and...this is something that I think, auntie...."

"Tell me, Cal."

"He can't hide and he doesn't feel like it either. He doesn't want to any more. It's just what you've always said, Aunt Paula. My body doesn't lie even when my clothes do."

"Why is that, do you think, Cal?"

"I can't explain, Aunt Paula. I mean, when you're a boy and you're naked and your penis and balls are just out there like that, I don't know, auntie. If it was just there for your own pleasure, the boy, it would be hidden inside you in private."

"You mean like how my ovaries are hidden inside me."

"Yes, but it's out there, auntie. So when you're naked you feel that means something."

"Isn't there something else, Cal?"
"Oh, there is. Do you mean...?"
"Yes, Cal." Paula lifted Cal's penis toward his stomach to give herself an unobstructed view of his balls and pressed two fingers of her other hand between his testes. "It's these," she said. "Do you see how delicate they are? Do you think that these testicles ought to be just hanging here like this? What do you think, Cal?"
"I think yes, they should be, auntie. Because they're so easy to reach this way. You can see that. So easy to do things to. So no lady or girl has to be afraid of a person with testicles on him. Because she can always teach him a lesson. It's no work for her."
"What kind of lesson, Cal?"
"Her power over him, auntie. That's what I mean."
"Ah, you mean like this then." She quickly grabbed his balls and gave them a hard squeeze.
"Yes, (urmp, gasp) just like that"
She gripped them tightly for a few more seconds then finally let them go. She flashed a devilish smile at Cal, "My, you learn well don't you, such a bright boy."
Cal was six and had been living with Paula for a year when his aunt's life long faith in the supremacy of woman began to evolve into a concrete plan for raising her nephew. She knew in her heart that a worshipful man is a happy man and an adored and well-served woman happier still, and she wanted for her sweet nephew as much happiness as a life of early sorrow could still afford. Cal was her great love, and now she would make him her work as well. Perhaps it was as well, then, that Paula's sister was of the opinion that circumcision is traumatic to an infant, and had not requested the procedure to be performed on her newborn son. Paula's gifts to Cal were to begin with that. The circumcision question was one of the few occasions on which Paula had doubted the judgment of her capable big sister, the only one on which she'd thought her girlhood model terribly misguided. Becoming Cal's guardian, bathing the little boy daily, Paula found herself scandalized by the indecency of his so-called "intact" look. Uncircumcised men put her off. Besides the uncleanliness, she couldn't say exactly why. A matter of aesthetics, she imagined. But for a long time she tried to reconcile herself to Cal's disheartening feature. This was her nephew, this was her love. Wanting nothing to compromise her tenderness for Cal on any level, even the bodily, Paula tried for a year and more to dissolve her repugnance. She adored the boy and reproached herself for the grief she felt at every sight of his innocent little watercock, looking, after all, only as nature had intended. She tried every means to banish her revulsion- argument, fantasy, self-reflection. All the same, when the boy stood smiling as his aunt undressed him for his bath, this moment of intimacy which should have been one of the day's sweet interludes became for Paula a mine-field of ambivalence. It horrified her that she turned away from the boy's benign nudity, it should be a thrill to see his penis, she thought, she could always pull back his foreskin, after all. But her resolutions and brainwashings inevitably failed, and day after day, as she lowered the boy's white briefs, Paula was disappointed. No beautiful miniature of a human organ appeared, but an obscene spigot, a pizzle waiting to grow great. Paula craved more, she craved to see his beautiful penis head always exposed with a nice visible circumcision scar. She had to pull back his foreskin and wash off the headcheese every day. She wished his skin would no longer cover the penis head. How could her sister have been so wrong? Why this stupid anomalous loyalty to "nature" - what had nature to do with human happiness? -and on the part of the woman, too, who had taught Paula the arts of make-up and feminine style and had assured her of their importance. How could she not have recognized the vital importance of getting her boy-child circumcised? Even if you rejected questions of hygiene, there remained deeper ones, of aesthetics, of male psychology. In a moment of compelling insight Paula saw how circumcision merely completed the paring away of man's disguise. No wonder the permanent uncloseting of that over-sensitive glans delighted her eye and mind. The uncircumcised foreskin gives the man one last protection for his modesty. Cutting off the foreskin denies a man even that wisp of covering allowed to him at birth. From girlhood on, Paula had helped many boys and men pull down their vanity along with their trousers. Now she would help her nephew to a deeper humility, one that would truly get under his skin and endure there. It thrilled her now that he hadn't been done as an infant. She apologized to her sister's memory for her rash disapproval of that decision. Cal was six now. Conscious, intelligent, with a definable personality and many of boyhood's customary traits. But at six the shell of the ego is still fairly thin: it takes ages, Paula knew, to build up the atrocious crust of false masculinity that women like her were dedicated to rupturing. Cal, happily, would never have the chance. Circumcision -not in private, not at the surgery, but in public, at a lively ceremony with Cal at the center and all ages of women to witness it, almost the way religious people do it, really - circumcision would demolish the little fortress of reflexes and instinctual pride which is the only defense a boy of six has yet had time to build. She was going to have his foreskin taken away. And the memory and the effect of that lovely catastrophe - at a woman's hands quite literally, for Paula had already selected the female doctor who would crop the boy - would rule Cal's heart forever.

end of part one